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My version of Khione's classic "NPC Schedule Enhanced" mod, broken down into modules. This module implements a Class Schedule.

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See the "Changelogs" dropdown just above.


On 04 May 2023, an official game update changed the format of the SQL database. If you're running an old version of the game (from before 04 May 2023) then SQL mods created in the new format (like this one) will crash your game. Anyone running an old version of the game will need to download a special version of this mod. On the Files tab,  in the "Miscellaneous Files" section, download the one with "FebVersion" in the name. Also, you will need to use v0.11.1 of Hogwarts Mod Merger to merge it with any other SQL mods. Do not use v0.12.1 or your merged file will crash your game.


The NPC Schedule Enhanced mod by Khione is brilliant, but there are a few things I would have done differently. Khione no longer seems to be actively developing or supporting the original mod, so after a year of putting it off I finally decided to create my own version.

Why do it in modules you (didn't) ask? Well, for several reasons. First, these mods are very resource-intensive so low-spec systems might not be able to cope with all modules at once. Users can therefore install just the modules they want the most. These mods also enable game features which were cut because they're full of bugs. You might want to uninstall the ones where the bugs bother you. Secondly, it helps me to keep everything organised. These mods are extremely complicated, with each one comprising anywhere from 200 to 1000 lines of SQL code, so it can be a real challenge to keep it all straight in my head. Separating them into modules helps me to do that. Thirdly, I can update each module separately, so users will only need to install updates that affect the modules/features they're interested in.

Students leaving 1st Year Charms Class.
New Features

  • Students and Professors attend up to 8 classes per day.
  • Prefects assist with classes. When the Prof is on a quest the Prefect supervises the class.
  • When students have a free period they will socialise in a common area somewhere near the next class.
  • When students have nothing else to do they sometimes arrive early for a class.
  • Professors gather in the Faculty Staff Room after dinner (2000-2200).
  • v1.1.0 onwards: Professors go to their bedrooms at midnight (or earlier if they have nothing else to do).
  • v1.3.0 onwards: Added Poppy Sweeting, Imelda Reyes and Duncan Hobhouse. Plus three new NPC's [only previously used in cutscenes]: 1) Constance Dagworth, a 5th year Ravenclaw. Possibly related to the Dagworth-Grangers and hence a distant ancestor of Hermione Granger. 2) Gertrude Wigley, a 1st year Ravenclaw with bows in her hair, and 3) Priscilla Wakefield, a 5th year Slytherin who is very chatty. All 33 of the game's named-NPC students are now included.
Requirements - this is IMPORTANT!

By default one game-day passes in 48 real-world minutes. In other words time in the game passes 30X faster than time in the real world. This is a problem, because it can easily take 2 real-world minutes for Students or Professors to travel from one part of the castle to another. In game-time that's 2 x 30 = 60 in-game minutes! There is no way to create a realistic daily schedule if it takes an hour to travel from one class to another, or an hour to get to the Great Hall for lunch and an hour to get back. It is therefore essential that you install the following mod and use it to set one game-day = 3.2 real-world hours (or more, though 3 will probably do). That way it will take 15 in-game minutes (or less) to walk from one side of the castle to another, which is more workable.

None of my immersion mods will work correctly if you don't install this.

Timetable Summary

  • There are 8 one-hour class slots per day, from 0830-1730 with lunch 1230-1330.
  • Each class is 45 mins long, with 15 mins to get to the next class (so 1 hour total between classes).
  • Only Years 1-5 attend flying lessons.
  • Only Years 3-7 attend Divination and Arithmancy.
  • All Years attend all other classes.
  • "Normal" classes occur Mon-Fri.
  • "Remedial" classes occur Sat/Sun plus a few on weekdays.
  • See the "Technical Details" section below for more info on "Remedial Classes".
  • See the "Timetables" section below for the actual timetables.
Current and Future Immersive Modules

  • Immersive Meals to make meals in the Great Hall more interesting and immersive.
  • Immersive Classes to implement a more realistic and canon-compliant class schedule.
  • Immersive Common Rooms where the Common Rooms are actually used.
  • "Immersive Hogsmeade" to improve various aspects of the Hogsmeade experience (not yet published).

Do a manual download then extract the PAK file from the ZIP file and put it in:
Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\

If the ~mods directory doesn't exist, create it.

See the "Conflicts and Mergers" section below.

How to Un-Install

If you installed using Vortex, hit the "Remove" button on the mod inside Vortex... BUT afterwards ALSO check the folder "Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\" to make sure there are no folders called something like "XXX-ImmersiveClasses_v?_?_?" (where XXX is a three-letter prefix which depends on how many mods you have installed). If such a folder exists, delete it. Vortex should have deleted it but sometimes doesn't. If that folder is still there, the mod is still installed.

If you installed manually, just delete the PAK file from the "Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\" folder.

Conflicts and Mergers

This mod alters and replaces the game's PhoenixShipData.sqlite SQL database file so it will need to be merged with the other Immersive modules (and with any other SQL mods you happen to have) using Hogwarts Mod Merger. If you're not sure which .pak files need to be merged, install and run the Mod Merger Checker.

None of my Immersion mods is compatible with Khione's mod. They're designed to replace it. So use my Immersion mods or Khione's mod, not both.

If you want to know what changes my mod makes to the SQL database, just load my mod into Hogwarts Mod Merger and you'll see the list.

Technical Details

  • There are four types of NPC in Hogarts Legacy: Tier 1 ("T1", the most sophisticated) to Tier 4 ("T4", the least sophisticated). Named NPC's are T1. So-called "seat fillers" are T3 and T4, where T3 can move around but T4 cannot. Since T4 NPC's can't move the game tries to make them appear and disappear when you're not looking. T3 NPC's will try to walk out of sight before they disappear. Nevertheless you will often see students appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere if you turn around. When you turn back the game will replace the NPC's that vanished, but not necessarily with the same NPC's. Ghost can become students, for example. That's just how the game works I'm afraid. There's nothing I can do about it.
  • This is a particular problem where classes are concerned, because although there are quite a few T1 & T2 NPC's in Year 5, there are very few in other years. If I only scheduled T1 & T2 students for the classes most of the classes would only have one or two students. I must therefore fill them up with T3 and T4 "seat-fillers". That would be okay except for one thing - the scheduler for T3 and T4 NPC's only works 7 days/week. There is no option to have them appear Mon-Fri only. So our choices are: have students attend classes 7 days/week, or only have one or two students in most classes. I've elected for the former.
  • To explain this I've broken the class schedule down into "Normal Classes" (Mon-Fri) and "Remedial Classes" (Sat/Sun plus some on weekdays). Named NPC's only attend the "Normal Classes". At the weekends I'm planning for Professors to go to Hogsmeade (in the forthcoming "Immersive Hogsmeade" module) so weekend "Remedial Classes" will eventually be supervised by Prefects not Professors.
  • Since "seat-fillers" must be present 7 days/week, there was no way for me to have separate classes for each House. Students from all Houses in a particular year must therefore attend the same classes. (This is an improvement on the base game, where students from all Houses and all Years attend the same classes!) But our problems don't end there. NPC's will only appear in-Class if there is a "station" for them to interact with. In other words a desk for them to sit at, or a "gathering point" for them to stand at. Some classes (Potions, Beasts, Herbology) either don't have these, or the NPC's ignore them for some reason. Hopefully I will be able to fix that eventually, but for now those classes are very poorly attended.
  • For all of the above reasons, Year 5 classes work the best. So attend those if you want the most immersive experience. (The player-character is in Year 5, so that makes sense anyway.) You can even follow your year-mates from one class to the next.
Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues. If you encounter any others please let me know in the POSTS section.

  • In the game files Ominis Gaunt is listed as a 1st year. I assume that's a mistake. I've made him a 5th year.
  • In the game files Sacharissa Tugwood is listed as a 2nd year. She looks older to me so I made her a 4th year.
  • In the game files Lucan Brattleby is listed as a 2nd year. He looks older to me so I made him a 3rd year.
  • Some students (T3's) get up and leave when you look away from them. This is a game bug.
  • Some students (T4's) appear & disappear randomly when you look away from them. This just how the game works.
  • Both also happen if you stand in certain parts of certain classrooms or leave the classroom (e.g. see this pic). This is a game bug.
  • Unfortunately the Transfiguration doorway does this, so if you enter during a class all the students will leave.
  • The above bug(s) do not affect named NPC's so Year 5 classes are reasonably immune.
  • Some students (T3 & T4) attend classes even at the weekends. This is a game feature/bug.
  • If the Prof has an active or pending mission (or even just a speech bubble) they won't attend classes. This is a game feature/bug.
  • If a named-NPC has an active or pending mission (or even just a speech bubble) they won't attend classes. This is a game feature/bug.
  • The AI for un-named NPC's isn't great so they sometimes get stuck tread-milling or jittering in place. This is a game bug.
  • Beasts & Herbology: Students sometimes stand in a cluster doing nothing. This is a game bug.
  • Beasts, Herbology & Potions: T3 & T4 "seat-filler" students never appear. This is a game bug.
  • Beasts, Herbology & Potions: Are very poorly attended due to the seat-filler bugs.
  • Classes for some years (like Year 6) will be poorly attended due to the seat-filler bugs.
  • DADA & Arithmancy: When students fall asleep they sometimes slide backwards so they're sitting in mid-air. This is a game bug.
  • If you skip time (using the Map's "Wait" function or a Time Skip mod) the scheduler can get confused and take a while to correct itself.
  • This mod doesn't allow the player to sit down in classes. Install the Emote with Any NPC mod if you want to do that.
Timetables - By Subject

Timetables - By Year