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Hitman's offline experience made better - more starting suits, planning pages unlocked, destructive physics, doubled breaching charges, unused items, previously online-only missions and other quality-of-life changes that improve the experience.

Permissions and credits
I'm proud to present the first ever mod that modifies planning screens and adds unused items without replacing others:

Here's a changelog:
  • Added benchmark enhancements to Dubai and Dartmoor when simulation quality is set to Best
  • Clues objective made optional in Whittleton Creek
  • Unlocked starting suits, concealed weapons and containers in Dubai, Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza
  • Unlocked starting suit selection for Paris auction start and Patient Zero
  • Doubled breaching charges
  • Added starting suits: Subject 47 (only works in H3 maps), Pumpkin 47, Ninja Suit, Lucas Grey without head, Knight & Stone in normal and Siberia outfits, Siberia 47, contamination suit and skydiving suit both with and without helmet (only works in Dubai)
  • Added some unused/not previously available items (Radio, Banana, Katana, Cure Coin, Jerry Can, Goldballer, Chloroform)
  • Added Sniper Assassin versions of the Sieger 300 Ghost, Druzhina 34 ICA, Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic, Sieger 300 Redeemer, Jaeger 7 Rude Ruby, Jaeger 7 Copperhead, Jaeger 7 Snow Fox, Sieger 300 Ice and Sieger 300 Viper snipers
  • Enabled saving and difficulties for all missions
  • Added Sniper Assassin and holiday content to the Side Missions page
  • Loadout selection allowed for Freeform Training and the Final Test
  • Master mode save limiting disabled
  • Added a lot of starting locations to missions that didn't previously support them
  • More! (check the changelogs for anything added in addition to this)

  • Master mode save limit removal: will be disabled when MKII item replacements or Focus are installed
  • Added items and suits, loadout unlocks: will be disabled when Suit Replacement Mod is installed (but everything from there is in this mod anyway so there's no need to use it anymore)
  • Everything else: compatible with everything

Easy Installation
  • Use QuickMod, which handles everything for you.

Harder Installation
  • Make sure you have a patched packagedefinition.txt file - if you don't know, go to Notex's tool and drag your packagedefinition.txt file in (it's in Runtime). Then, click Set Patch Levels and then save it over your original packagedefinition.txt.
  • Download the Offline Experience Refined .zip file and extract the RPKG within
  • Copy the RPKG to your Runtime folder
  • Rename it to the next sequential chunk0 patch number - if you have chunk0.rpkg, name it chunk0patch1.rpkg or if you have chunk0patch1.rpkg, name it chunk0patch2.rpkg. If you rename it to chunk27 you're dead to me. If you rename it to chunk28 you lack basic reasoning and should get out of my sight.

Troubleshooting Checklist
Follow this troubleshooter.


Now THIS is the kind of mod I want for HITMAN III... Fantastic work! - Duckilous
We finally have what we wanted. - Freezer
*thumbs up gif* - Pdz

  • RPKG for everything
  • musicalmushr00m for feedback and the Mission Difficulties Mod (included)
  • Duckilous for the All Missions Offline mod (learnt from and included) and starting locations