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**OFFLINE ONLY** Enables extra difficulties in 9 extra missions (Patient Zero, Bonus, and Holiday). Also adds the ability to save in Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival if All Missions Offline is installed.

Permissions and credits


This mod enables extra difficulties (Casual and Master) in:
The Source
The Author
The Vector
Patient Zero
The Icon
A House Built On Sand
Holiday Hoarders*
Hokkaido Snow Festival*

This means that these missions can now have the features of Master mode including:

Running footsteps audible to enforcers
Ruined bloody disguises
Save limiting
Extra NPCs/cameras (in some levels)

This mod also adds the ability to save in both Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival.

*The Holiday missions require KevinRudd's All Missions Offline to work.


Place the .rpkg file(s) in Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\Runtime.

Rename it so it looks like this: "chunk0patchX.rpkg" with the X being the next consecutive number of the last file you have,
(i.e. if the most recent file you have is named "chunk0patch4.rpkg", then name the next file "chunk0patch5.rpkg", etc.).

You will then need to place the included "packagedefinition.txt" file in that same folder, or update yours manually to allow extra "patches" (mods) to work.


There are three files in this mod.

chunk0patchX - Patient Zero Campaign:
Includes all four missions from Patient Zero. 
The Source, The Author, and Patient Zero now contain additional cameras.
The Source and Patient Zero have extra NPCs.

chunk0patchXX - Summer Bonus Missions:
Includes the three summer bonus missions from Sapienza and Marrakesh.
The Icon and Landslide now contain additional cameras.

chunk0patchXXX - Holiday Missions (requires All Missions Offline):
Includes both Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival.
Both missions contain additional cameras and NPCs.
Both missions now have the ability to be saved and loaded while offline.
As mentioned above, this file requires the All Missions Offline mod to work.


If you find any issues, please report them to musicalmushr00m on HitmanForum.
Special thanks to Atampy26 and KevinRudd on HitmanForum.
Thanks you for downloading, and I hope you have fun.