Halo: The Master Chief Collection

About this mod

A Campaign overhaul which refines the sandbox, expands encounter and level design, provides extra polish in every area, and restores loads of cut content.

Permissions and credits

A full Campaign overhaul, focused on refinement of the sandbox and missions to create a more gratifying and decision-based game which fleshes out the game's potential.

  • The weapon, vehicle, and AI sandbox has been reworked so that every tool of destruction has its own meaningful, and fun role to fulfill.

  • The encounter and level design has been expanded for more diverse loops of gameplay to bolster the '30 Seconds of Fun' key to Halo.

  •   Every facet of the game sees a new layer of polish. Everything from game-feel, AI behavior, scripting, sound design, to even cutscenes.

  • Droves of cut content from Halo's development have been restored, or repurposed to breath new life into various parts of the game.

Below is a video showcasing all of the key changes and additions this mod provides,

and explaining the thought process behind them all!

>>> Manual for Halo Rebalanced <<<

3.0.1 Update Change Log

This mod has two versions: Main and Lite

  • MAIN: The full package. Everything from the sandbox changes, encounter and level expansions, polish, and restored content.

  •       LITE: A much more plain, vanilla package. Only containing the key sandbox changes, and most important quality of life adjustments.


The Main version does not support the Anniversary visuals at all. Always start the game with visual/audio options and HUD set to 'classic'. Otherwise added elements such as new sounds, and new HUD elements will not work correctly.

The Lite version however, does support the Anniversary visuals.


Co-op requires both players have the mod installed in the same way.

When playing co-op, always disable subtitles before starting the game. Otherwise the game will crash on loading the mission, or severe desync will occur.


Currently, save/quitting then resuming your game will cause the game to CRASH upon pausing. Typically, reaching a new checkpoint will fix this, so refrain from pausing in your resumed game until then.

This is an issue caused by the mod tools themselves, so will require 343 themselves to fix it.


Make sure Vortex and MCC are installed on the same drive. And ALWAYS start the game through Steam with anti-cheat disabled. Do not launch the game through Vortex.


It is highly recommended that you use Vortex for the easiest, automated method of installing and uninstalling this mod;

Rebalanced contains not only the required map files, but several more files for subtitle functionality, and main menu thumbnail adjustments.


1. Navigate to: Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps

2. Back-up your 10 vanilla map files (a10, a30, a50, b30, b40, c10, c20, c40, d20, d40) to another location. Extract the same files from the mod archive in their place - these are all the missions.

3. Navigate to: Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\prebuild\paks

4. If you are playing the Main version, back-up the file 'initial_textures.s3dpak' to another location. Extract the same file from the mod archive in its place - this contains the updated subtitles for the edited/added dialogue.

5. Navigate to: Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\careerdb

6. If you want my edited mission descriptions, back-up the file 'careerdb.xml' to another location. Extract the same file from the Mission Thumbnail mod archive in its place.

Navigate to: Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\data\ui\texturepacks

8. If you want classic-style mission thumbnails, back-up the files 'levelstexturepack.temp.bin' and 'loadingtexturepack.perm.bin' to another location. Extract the same files from the Mission Thumbnail mod archive in its place.

(If you are playing the Windows Store version of MCC, find your game's directory. The file paths starting from \Halo The Master Chief Collection\ should all be the same from there.)

9. Remember to always start the game with anti-cheat disabled. Have fun!!


FD Created the Grunt soft ping animation
ConnorDawn & RosyMuscovy Assistance and inspiration from Combat Revolved
Spiral Created the ODST
Mynameislol Created the Energy Sword, Wraith animations, and Flood Pack
Markel Created the Wraith HUD
Masterz1337 Provided Lumoria assets and helped adjusting the Elite Vanguard
SOI_7 Created the Blind Wolf, Thorn Beast, and adjusted Fuel Rod FP animations
Lumoria Team - Higuy, Lodex Created the many assets borrowed from Lumoria
Sergeant Stacker Created the new Shadow shader
ok. Helped with HUD bitmaps
The Mindful Moron Edited several BSPs
Brand Name Audio Provided sound resources

quicksounds.com Provided sound resources

Shoutouts to playtesters~

The Vengeful 'Vadam

Halo CE, being the first Halo game, was not only pivotal as a game, but to this day, I think it still has the best game-feel out of the series, always making it a treat to play. And it's been a joy to learn the mod tools, and expand upon this iconic classic. We're just getting started.

As this mod project has expanded in scope to such a large extent, I would like to ask, if you'd like, to leave feedback on what you liked, or disliked most, and any suggestions! As well as report any issues you run into. Outside perspective and feedback is always welcome! 

Thank you~

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