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A Campaign Overhaul that adds new enemies, weapons and more from the world of Halo 3 Reimagining.

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Halo 3 ODST Reimagining is the 2nd in the line of Reimagining campaign overhauls dedicated to adding new weapons to use, new enemies to fight, and new and remixed encounters.

If you are familiar with Halo 3 Reimagining it brings in a bevy of things:

- Elites are now Enemies again and will appear alongside the Brutes.

- New weapons such as the Plasma Repeater, Focus Rifle and DMRs make their return and more.

- New and remixed Encounters to experience.

- ODST Firefight is compatible, face off against a variety of Reimagining's Roster.

New Enemies


-Honor Guards
-Ultras - These ranks can pull out Energy Swords when they go berserk.
-Zealots - Wields only Energy Swords
-Stealth - Weak shields and health but carry active camo.
-Spec-Ops Commando
-General - Boasts the strongest shields and Health, carries Heavy Weapons

-Pillagers - Carry Human Weapons
-Spec-Ops - Leads Spec-Ops Grunts and might carry Gravity Hammers
-Halo 2 Brutes - H2 Levels of health.

- Spec-Ops - Carrys Firebombs
-Bodyguard - These units carry Energy Shields.
-Champions - Carries Brute Plasma Rifles and boasts the strongest shields of the Grunts.


-Ultra - Carry Plasma Rifles


  • Ultra (White / Blue Beam)
-More likely to use his weapon when someone is close by.
  • Spec-Ops (Dark Purple / Shade Cannon / Cmt-Lights)
-Good for indoors
-Don't start beserking when his teammate is down.
  • Flamethrower (Red / Flamethower / Lighted)
-Good for crowd control.
  • Needler (Light Pink / Needler Cannon)
-Good for crowd control.
  • Spiker (Yellowish / Spike Cannon)
-Good for crowd control.


  • Tracker:       Blueish, No Shields, Has a dual horn, can Explode, throw grenades and equipments
  • Tracker-Major: Dark Red, Shields, Has a dual horn and Reach body, can Explode, throw grenades and equipments

Known Issues: Night Crater and Rally FF maps seem to freeze or crash, I am trying to look into this error.

Update to Issues: Night Maps work but the Boons option must be disabled, this might be because of how it spawns in Friendly Elites.