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Rebalances combat to be much more lethal for both enemies and the player. Ammo is more rare to compensate for higher damage, headshots are realistically deadly against unarmored enemies, Combine chargers are now as scary as they look, and more! (See full description)

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You'll probably want to first experience this masterpiece of a game with the balance and pacing that Valve intended.

With Lethal Combat Rebalance installed, Story, Easy, and Normal difficulties are currently all the same.

On Hard difficulty, the only difference is that everything can kill you with one hit. (For the extreme masochists)

Mod Description

  • Makes combat realistically lethal and more satisfying (IMO). Running and gunning will get you killed very quickly. Take it slow, think ahead, and stay behind cover if you want to live.

  • Combine Grunts can be killed with a single pistol headshot, Officers have better armor and typically require 2 pistol headshots, and Chargers and Suppressors are as tanky as their heavily armored appearance would suggest. Save some shells or cells for these guys.

  • Combine AR2's and heavy MG's are capable of killing the player in 3 hits, SMG's take ~5, and shotguns can one-shot you at point blank.

  • Normal headcrabs only take one pistol shot to kill, both alone and while on a zombie. Poison headcrabs typically take 3 pistol shots.

  • Headcrabs, zombies, and antlions all do much more damage to the player. Keep your distance.

  • Runner headcrabs (lightning dogs) are a little less tanky but faster and more lethal to the player.

  • Ammo is harder to come by to compensate for the increased lethality. Make each shot count!

  • Health vials heal two full hearts instead of one.

Be sure to hit me up with any feedback or suggestions. The ammo rarity in particular may require further tweaking.


  • Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx\game\hlvr\cfg
  • Copy and paste skill_hlvr, skill_hlvr0, skill_hlvr1, and skill_hlvr3 somewhere else as a backup
  • Extract Lethal Combat Rebalance.zip and overwrite those four files