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Collection of small configurable edits with no particular theme.
Proof of concept for this mod format.

Can be imported with no risk to compatibility with other mods!
Follow the instructions provided.

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Magic's Edits

This is a proof of concept mod for a new format of SuperGiant Games mods.

This mod will always be fully compatible with (basically) every other mod and every game update because it does not require replacing or patching source files AND attaches to without overwriting any global functions (except for one).

Now requires Mod Utility

You SHOULD use Mod Importer to install the mod and keep it installed any time the game updates.

Extract the downloaded file into /Content/Mods 

Then all you need to do to use this mod is either:
A) Install using the mod importer
B) add a single line to the bottom of "RoomManager.lua" which is easy to redo whenever the game updates that file or another mod forces you to replace it.
Import "../Mods/MagicEdits/MagicEdits.lua"

Every feature is fully configurable, togglable etc using the config table in the script file

AlwaysSeeChamberCount = true,-- Always see chamber depth in the top right during runs
AlwaysUseSpecialDoors = true,-- Can always open special chamber doors (will still cost whatever it costs)
CanAlwaysExitRoom = true,-- Exit chambers early by interacting with the exit doors
UnlockEveryCodexEntry = false,-- Unlock every codex entry ... (will affect your save permanently!)
AllowRespecMirror = false,-- Always able to respec at the mirror and swap upgrades (will affect your save permanently!)
UnlimitedGodsPerRun = true,-- Any unlocked god can appear in the same run
ChooseMultipleUpgrades = 1,-- Choose multiple upgrades at any given choice (multiplier of available number)
PlayerDamageMult = 0.5,-- Multiply damage the player recieves
EnemyDamageMult = 1.5,-- Multiply damage enemies recieve
ExtraMoney = 5,-- Global multiplier of charon coins gained
MoneyCost = 0,-- Global Multiplier of coin prices
PurchaseCost = {-- Multiplier of purchase costs (except using darkness on mirror)
Global = 0,
GiftPoints = 1,-- Nectar
LockKeys = 0,-- Chthonic Keys
Gems = 0,-- Gemstones
GatherBonus = { -- Multipliers on resources gained
Global = 3,
MetaPoints = 50,-- Darkness
GiftPoints = 5,-- Nectar
LockKeys = 5,-- Chthonic Keys
Gems = 20,-- Gemstones
ExtraRarity = {-- boosts to rarity (100% best rarity if 1 or more, 0 unchanged)
Legendary = 0.65,
Heroic = 0.65,
Epic = 0.65,
Rare = 0.65,
Common = 0.65,