Legend of Grimrock
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Mod for Legend of Grimrock 1.
by Davin626

The healing crystals have been afflicted with a curse, making many of them useless for healing, and dangerous to approach!

A fun 12-level dungeon with some serious enhancements and surprises:
• Subclasses: Battle Mage, Spellcraft Mage, Tank.
• More Status Effects.
• Scaled Random Loot Drops.
• New Spells and Recipes.
• Enemy Health Indicator Bars.
• Champions, allies, and enemies say stuff. Wall text.
• The Icefall Hammer and the Dismantler have company.

Legend of Grimrock 1.
I have not checked graphics performance on different GPUs.
• I’m using Nvidia GTX 1060, with minor slowdowns in 4K.
• So GTX 1060 or better recommended for 4K.

• Occasional crashes. Hard to track, but they do not break the game on reload.
• Crystal cavern levels have slow performance. I might make custom crystals less pretty.
• Monsters sometimes spawn on party, on each other, or on crystals.
• A crystal can spawn on party. WORKAROUND: It’s detected after-the-fact, and it shatters.
• Some visual glitches with walls or pits showing up on stairs, on levels 7-8.
• The floors underneath crystals are a workaround for a bigger bug deleting custom crystals, but the custom floors cause other more minor glitches.

Custom crystals by Diarmuid and Neikun.
Fix for entitiesAt and allEntities by John Wordsworth
• newAllEntities improved by Diarmuid.
Custom uggardians use Daniv’s uggardian particles.

Earthquake sound is from Master Quest mod by Komag.
Some sounds are from zapsplat.com.

All other coding, graphics, design, sound, and music not found in the original Grimrock games is by Davin626.