Legend of Grimrock
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A fun romp through a 12 level dungeon with some interesting features and additions like new spells and subclasses, more status effects, conversation/chitchat not just when dreaming, enemy health bars, level-scaled random drops, good and bad crystals using Diarmuid and Neikun's custom crystals, wall text and more.

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Curse of the Crystals

A curse has come over the healing crystals, making many of them useless for healing, and dangerous to approach!

Features and Additions

Tank: Spend points on both armor and athletics, and wield a polearm, which is very good at knockback.
Spellcraft mage: Lower damage than elemental spells, but includes spells that nothing is immune to.
Battle Mage: Specializing in battle staves; hand-to-hand weapons which do elemental and mana damage based on skills.

Status Effects
Fire can explode, lightning and weapons can stun, more poison DoT, ice spikes can freeze an enemy too.
New weapons that can do elemental hits with status.
Watch out though - most of these effects work on the party as well!

New Spells and Recipes
That goromorg shield spell is a good one to have.
Other defensive and CC spells for Battle Mage.
Storm spells like from Grimrock 2, but for any element (or none).
Death spell. Low odds of success, but when it works...
Healing and energy potions are a bit weak late game, aren't they?
And is that a crystal flower? Hmmm...

More Chatter, Red 2
Conversations and chatter, not just dreams.
One of your champions might chime in with a hint or some humor.
"Conversations" with allies, taunts from enemies.
Also... WALL TEXT!

Enemy health bars: Adapt your tactics, knowing how close to done the battle is (or isn't).
Scaled enemied and drops for high-level parties.
Many puzzles are randomized, so they're not the same every time.