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A full campaign for Legend of Grimrock, This 13 floor dungeon exceeds the size of the original game, with new monsters, new spells, new bosses, new items... in other words a new experience for LoG players to sink their teeth into.

Come discover its secrets!

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The last dungeon in the mortalis sequence.

 Bleakhall has long been sealed by the knights enclave, its shameful secret buried and hoped forgotten but a rash of mysterious disappearances across Stonemorrow draws the attentions of the Sowers to the ruined Fortress, legendary stronghold of Thade the Knight of Shadows, last of the mortal gods to ascend. Take the role of Evante Morecari, Master Assassin and Sower of the Order of the Dust and enter the fortress of your enemies at their own invitation as a PRISONER OF BLEAKHALL.

-Custom variable party: Start as Evante alone and seek the other prisoners to build a party or climb out of the depths alone.

-Discover the secret of Bleakhall and the terrible events that led to the accension of Thade, Lord of Bleakhall, as well as the purpose of the dissapearances in the modern day

-Seek out the hidden character to unlock a second playthrough with a different but related story

-Find the spell forge hidden within the halls and use it to craft powerful items to aid your quest

-Engage in combat with multiple bosses

-Challenge yourself! life crystals only appear on a handful of floors so no easy healing for you. Also poison now does damage when resting!

-Modified wallsets give you new visuals: with the Dark mines, Ebon temple and Dungeon master wallsets

-Over 15 new spells! New items with amazing powers! and terrifying monsters!

-Non linear item progression: Various powers make items more varied, fast and weak, slow and powerful, stat boosting and special magical effects to be found!

All this and more await you in: THE PRISONER OF BLEAKHALL!