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Just Sheathe, my greenblood friend or else things might get a little bit dicey.

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Main Files:
- Both Weapons: makes both weapons (+ gun/rifle) visible while sheathed on your character (excluding ring)
- Only Main Weapon: makes only recently sheathed weapon (+ gun/rifle) visible while sheathed on your character (excluding ring)

Optional Files:
- Visible Ring: changes visual effect of the ring and adds visual effect while ring is sheathed
- Female Rifle Position: adjusts rifle position for female De Sardet (thanks pittbull666).

- FX While Sheathed: makes elemental weapon fx visible while sheathed (i.e. BURNING SWORD ON YOUR BACK!!!!), might be glitchy I haven't really tested this.


(When updating from previous versions it's best to remove all previous files)

Main Files:
- copy 2_ folder and 0_ folder into your datalocal directory

Optional Files:
- copy 1_ folder and if present 0_ folder into your datalocal directory

Known Issues

- Version with only 1 weapon shows 2 weapons after loading or travelling, fix by switching weapons.
- Weaponring fx disappears if it isn't in the "currently using" (the weapon you start using after pressing attack button) slot.

Feel free to post any bugs not listed above in the "Bugs" section.
Before posting any bugs try to make a clean installation of the mod.

To Do

- Fixing existing problems.
- Creating new nodes for weapons of the same type which would stop them from overlapping (not anytime soon, this will require a lot of work since base game doesn't keep track of the NOT recently used weapon's state).