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this mod make more companion(or none) follow you around.
with option to make "all companion in party participate in event and conversation".

**With new mod structure now you can change your party size in game without quit and restart**

Permissions and credits
Now there are only one version.
when you want to change party size just talk to your companion and chosse "[MOD]Change party size..." choice.

Full party
-leave no one behind.
3 member 
-properly a safe option in case companion left you or something.
-any option are now safe to use. party size will decrease automatic if companion left you.
4 member 
-you will be able to add 4 member after you clear kurt second companion quest.
-you should do this quest after recruit all party member.
-success bypass faction leader guard Party size will increase as you get new companion.
1 member 
-for those who want to decrease instead.
-I don't know what will happen because there are lock companion in some event. 
-party size will increase automatic if there are lock companion and will decrease automatic if companion get unlock

speak your mind (progress 100%)
-Make all companion in party participate in conversation.
-main quest - (38/38)
-second quest - (39/39)
-companion quest - (9/9)
-random talk - (35/35)
(after finish will try to torn it down a bit if companion talk similar line.)
there are 2 outdated file in this mod
"mq08_rebelwarrior_begging.sdg" and "sqap04_guard_entryext_noway.sdg"
you should delete this file in mod folder first to avoid a pre-patch bug.

-I still not clear this game yet so use it at your own risk. 
-you will have to start a new game for this mod to take effect.
-now you don't have to start a new game anymore and can switch between version at will.
-when want to use smaller party option after use full party option go to campfire and gathering companion to change party member.

-for "petrus first companion quest" when you need to dress in comfortable vests. you only need to dress 3 member including yourself or just sneak past them.

Know issue:
-when some event add/remove party member.the party screen may open and close in second(when vasco and siora join you.) but you can change your party member at your house or campfire with no problem.This happen when you have less companion then party size. -Fixed- (it resurface again with new mod structure....)
-GUI still only show 2 companion HP/MP.
-in some event companion will push you around or some npc may float.
-I forget about camp in arena and fast travel camp it won't change party size yet will fix later.

1.Delete old version file before install.
2.Extract archive file into Game Folder/datalocal.
2.start new game.

1.install Defualt - (Reverse to 2)
2.change party member at house or gathering companion at campfire

1.change you party size to 2 by talk to your companion and select [MOD]change party size
2.delete mod file

-May not compatible with mods That edited quests file.
-if install Optional mod may not compatible with mods That edited dialog_graphs.

my mods 
increase party size (or decrease it) - change party size
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Polyamory -  romance multi companions at once
Drop all the junk you are wearing - NPC drop all equipment
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