Granblue Fantasy: Versus
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This mod replaces the some of the themes in the game with their original counterparts from the gacha game

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The following songs are replaced


-Party People(VS Lowain) is replaced by Cafe de Party Night Dancho no Onayami Orera ga Marutto Byou de Kaiketsuhen SP, Lowain's character theme that Party People is an instrumental remix of.


-Licht(VS Ferry) is replaced by Sora no Michishirube, Ferry's character theme that Licht is an intstrumental of.


-Grynoth(VS Vaseraga) is replaced by 2nd Advent, a theme from a story based event that involved the Society. Grynoth is a remix of it.

This pack is missing Houmatsu-mugen Kochoujin, Narmaya's character theme, as Koenji has already made one, which you can grab here 

-Macho Ultimatum(VS Soriz) is replaced by Sanba Garasu Otoko Uta, Soriz's character theme(along with Jin and Eugen) that Macho Ultimatum is a instrumental remix of


-The Same Blue Sky(VS Djeeta) is replaced by Over The Sky, Gran and Djeeta's character theme, which The Same Blue Sky is an instrumental remix of

Zooey(2 Options):

-1: Peacemaker's Wings(VS Zooey) is replaced by The Star High in the Sky, the Grand Order raid battle theme in which Peacemaker's Wings is a remix of
-2: Peacemaker's Wings(VS Zooey) is replaced by Armageddon, the Grand Order High Level raid battle theme. It is a remix of The Star High in the Sky with added vocals

Dragon Knights:

-Dragon Knights(vs Dragon Knights) is replaced by The Dragon Knights FULL, Percival and Lancelot's(and Vane and Siegfried) character theme, which Dragon Knights is an instrumental remix of.

The sources for each of these songs can be found in this google doc . I tried to find the best quality ones I could find.

A couple songs I did not replaced, being Ladiva's theme and the Platinum Sky theme. Ladiva's theme is supposidly a remix of the Jewel Resort Casino theme, but personally I could not hear it. As for Platinum Sky its mostly identical and I could not find a good HQ one.

How To Install:
1. Navigate to your GBVS directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Granblue Fantasy Versus). 
2. Inside that go to RED\Content\Paks. If you have not installed any mods before, create a folder called "~mods"(without the quotation marks) 
3. Drag and drop bot the .pak and .sig files of the songs you want to replace in the ~mods folder. DO NOT try to put both Zooey themes in, pick from one of them. I'm not sure what issues it will cause since I haven't tried it myself but Id reccomend against trying