Granblue Fantasy: Relink
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About this mod

A mod for some of the underpowered sigil traits.

Permissions and credits
How to install.
1.Back up the data.i file inside the game installation folder.
2.Extract the mod to the root directory and make sure that you have a backup before overwrites the data.
3.To uninstall mod, restore your backup data.i file to the root directory. (or rename the backup data.i that I packed in the mod package) 

I also recommended to back up the save data before use of this mod in case a problem arise. 
Path: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\GBFR\Saved\SaveGames

Unfortunately after the v1.1.1 Lucilius Update some traits are not affected by the mod so I didn't include them on the current release.

Buff Mod v1.0 
Narmaya Shroud Butterfly's Valor       50>90% chance to not consume butterflies
Yodarha Swordmaster's Art                 75> 90% chance to not consume shroud marks
Siegfried Dragonslayer's Dominance  20%>90% Defense for 10>20s after landing perfect execution
Lancelot White Dragon's Oath             Twin Blade Movement Range 25>100
Ghandagoza Eternal Rage's Ethos      Raging Fist Damage Cap increase by 50%>100%
Life on the Line                                     lvl 30 +50%>70% ATK
Power Hungry                                       lvl 16 +16>32% ATK lvl 30 +30%>60% ATK
Improved Guard                                    lvl 30 50%>90% Guard Rate
Guard Payback                                      lvl 16 +36>72% ATK lvl 30 +50>100% ATK with perfect block