Granblue Fantasy: Relink
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About this mod

A mod for some of the underpowered sigil traits.

Permissions and credits
How to install.
1.Back up the data.i file inside the game installation folder.
2.Extract the mod to the root directory and make sure that you have a backup before overwrites the data.
3.To uninstall mod, restore your backup data.i file to the root directory. (or rename the backup data.i that I packed in the mod package) 

I also recommended to back up the save data before use of this mod in case a problem arise. 
Path: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\GBFR\Saved\SaveGames

V1.1 Changelog
Changelog V1.1
Zeta                        Extend leap window 
Yodarhan               99% Shroud Mark retain
Narmaya                99% Butterfly retain
Katalina                 -10% skill cd when summon ares
Siegfried                75% Defense after perfect execution
Caglio                    Skill cooldown -10% after fully charged collapse
Vane                      -5% skill cd per combo finisher
Flight over Fight      lvl 15   -50%>-20% ATK
Quick Charge           lvl 30   -20%>-60% Cast Time
Life on the Line       lvl 30   +50% Attack> +70% Attack
Improved Guard Scaling lvl 25-30 up to 90
lvl 25 50
lvl 26 55
lvl 27 60
lvl 28 70
lvl 29 80
lvl 30 90

Damage Cap Variant includes
Damage cap  lvl 1-59 normal scale then improved scaling at lvl 60-65 up to 500 %
lvl 60 250
lvl 61 300
lvl 62 350
lvl 63 400
lvl 64 450
lvl 65 500
Both versions has a backup data.i file included