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God of War Windows 7 Patch
I modified the OS version detection behavior. The modified version can enter the game with Win7/8/8.1, now can enter the game with Win10/11 too.

Also need to use for Win7/8/8.1:
doitsujin's dxvk
Sporif's DXVK-Async Patch
marco-calautti's DeltaPatcher

Permissions and credits
(Updated to Support 1.12 Game Update)
1.12 patch files is PrePatched All-in-one pack, no need to patch anything, you can rename the exe file to [GoW.exe] for mod/cheat.

I modified the OS version detection behavior. Now, the modified version can enter the game with Win7/8/8.1/10/11. It is normal that a dialog window will pop up first when executing on Win7/8/8.1. (v1.12 will not pop up the dialog window when executing, also bypasses the DX version check)

After GoW.exe is patched, please download DXVK d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll and unzip next to GoW.exe, then start the game. Use DXVK Async Version if necessary.
將Patch套用到GoW.exe後,請下載解壓縮DXVK的d3d11.dll及dxgi.dll及GoW.exe旁邊,有需要可使用DXVK Async版本。

Increasing the virtual memory above 16GB can prevent the game from crashing at any time.

When you use VK but it says Vulkan-1.dll not found error, you should install Vulkan Runtime first.
當您使用 DXVK 但它出現 Vulkan-1.dll not found 錯誤,您應該先安裝 Vulkan Runtime。

doitsujin's dxvk :

marco-calautti's DeltaPatcher :https://

Sporif's DXVK-Async:

If you want to use Async function, please add [dxvk.enableAsync = true] in [ dxvk.conf ].
想使用Async功能請在 [ dxvk.conf ]中加上 [dxvk.enableAsync = true]。

Download dxvk-async 1.10.1 from dxvk-async's GitHub Releases. Then extract d3d11.dll & dxgi.dll from tar.gz, look for the game folder, create a text file called [dxvk.conf], and add a sentence [ dxvk.enableAsync = true].
在dxvk-async的GitHub Releases下載 dxvk-async-1.10.1.tar.gz 然後抽取d3d11.dll & dxgi.dll 放在遊戲資料夾內,建立一個叫[dxvk.conf ] 的文字檔案在裡面加上一句 [ dxvk.enableAsync = true ]。