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Major overhaul to increase variety and total number of enemy spawn in all missions. Experience the way this game was meant to be played !

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Ukkon no longer underestimates you. Time to face his wrath.

Total number and enemy variety greatly increased for every mission, including all initial map spawn, emergence hole and air drops. You will be facing an army every mission, time to put your skills to the test. 

This mod is best enjoyed in insane mode with the upgraded weapon and armor mod by Esenin007, also along with my 2 other mods: Increase frag distance slightly and loot box enhanced. If you can't beat a level, you can turn down the difficulty in the options menu between missions to try again, lower difficulty reduces super/elite spawns. 

If you want to do the single unit rescue missions, you may need to lower the difficulty to experienced or intermediate to open the pods in 15 turns, all rescue missions uses the same spawn table, so it's not viable to adjust down difficulty for one mission to ruin all other rescue missions. Currently the duel rescue missions are winnable with this mod if you bring the right gears (support + sniper, both with AP spam skills).

Install Instructions:

Unzip to Game Directory: GearGames\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV

This mod is standalone, it does not require any other mod to work. Once you copy over the mod files, go to the file properties to make sure "unblock" is checked if the option is there. If you enjoy my mods, please throw me an endorsement for support, thanks =)


patch notes OPTIONAL FILE v1.5.4:

- spawn less snipers and super/elite units in control missions to reduce difficulty spike as every turn there will be an airdrop so map gets flooded with enemies fast.
- Based on v1.5.3
- All v1.5.x were made to improve the game, but if you have any issues, download the tested stable v1.5.

patch notes OPTIONAL FILE v1.5.3:

- Attempt to fix act 1 chapter 4 bugs reintroduced in v1.5.2.
- Various unit spawn mixture adjustments based on more play testing. 

patch notes OPTIONAL FILE v1.5.2:

- The purpose of this patch is to reduce difficulty spikes of too many kantus buffed bomb lobbers (boomer and theron guard). The slots are instead replaced with gnasher, snipers or disciples.
- Reduce Kantus, Boomer and Theron Guard spawning together. This version decreases difficulty as you will face only 2 of those types from 1 batch spawn, rather than all 3 types at once. You will still face all 3 types of enemies in the same mission, they just don't spawn together (usually). This way you can stay on insane difficulty to pass more mission.
- Based on v1.5.1, so it includes previous changes from that.

patch notes OPTIONAL FILE v1.5.1:

- Greatly increasing Super / Elite enemy spawn variety even more as I found insane mode becoming too easy when using Esenin007's upgraded weapons and armor mod with UW v1.5. This version should be enjoyed combining with the upgraded weapons and armor mod in insane mode.
- Reduce Kantus / Zealot spawn from scavenger and rescue missions to ease difficulty under time restriction. 
- Attempt to increase spawn for all boss fights, requires more testing.

patch notes MAIN FILE v1.5:

- Based on the stable UW v1.4, I've added unit variety back in. As new units are introduced, they are added to the spawn pool to eliminate bugs with story scripts.
- Increase Super / Elite enemy types spawn in late game and veteran mode.
- Boss fight spawns are left as vanilla for now to avoid game breaking bugs.
- Tested this mod on the 15 turn limit rescue missions and the nemacysts bomb drop type missions and confirm they are winnable. 

patch notes: v1.4:

- Greatly increase game stability.
- Many still encountered bugs in v1.3, so I wrote the mod from scratch again focusing on reducing conflict with story script.
- Variety is reduced to be safe but now greatly increase total number enemies via random air drops and initial map spawn.

patch notes v1.3: 

- Fixed a bug that's stuck on emergence hole not opening due to total units cost reached max allowed prior to hole opening. 

patch notes v1.2:

- Fixed a bug that causes no enemies to spawn