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These are game saves and text files I've created to experiment with (Includes Bonus/cut content).
Added a tutorial on how to edit categories for Unit Stats (Health, Accuracy, Roster Size, Movement Range Etc)

Permissions and credits
The Files:

The Saves include options to start from Act 1 or Act 3 or make your own (More information in the README)
I have edited the Units in each save to help make the gameplay less tedious

Now includes Pre-order DLC "Augustus Cole" option, for those who had issues unlocking him
made possible thanks to jose614

Additional Changes
- The "SUPREME" Mods now have have additional stats in the same vein as  Esenin007 -> Super Legendaries (Recommended)
- Loot rewards for the final mission of each chapter now offer all Items
- Difficulty set to Insane to make it more challenging
- Contains bonus/Cut items so you can use what you want

1. Place the saves in your Gears Tactics saves folder
2. Place the additional folders too (location in the README) 
3. Done

If you have questions/suggestions, you know where to leave them.

Enjoy and have fun.