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The Definitive Overhaul of Gears 5's Ai, Difficulty, Guns and More!

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Apparently.. Gears 5 is modifiable!
~ How long until the devs patch it? Dunno. ~
So enjoy it while it lasts!

Quick Warning: Gears 5 has anti-cheat. I think public/private lobbies are safe but maybe stay away from matchmaking with my modded files active.

Brief rundown of the overhaul:
~ If you don't like my changes then edit the text files to make your own (scroll to bottom) ~
~ Apparently things like damage, skins, etc can't be modded outside of local/offline lobbies ~

- Ai across all modes..
- shoot more often and accurately
- move, turn and evade frequently
- Radius squad can move away from player tweaked

- Big enemies like Warden and other heavies can now roadie run and more
- Juvies can move a bit faster

- Minor gun tweaks..
- Pickups are now button taps not button holding
- Faster gun swaps
- Embar charges faster
- Swarm rifle fires longer
- Hammerburst more accurate

- Difficulties reworked..
- Insane and Inconceivable: the player can now go down and get revived
- Various player/friendly damage and health changes

- LAN lobby bots character swapped
     - (apparently, they are lancer spammers in LAN lobbies. SORRY! Don't like then play Public/Private bots.)
- As stated above, bots more efficient
- (Not quite sure) Custom lobbies grant same EXP as matchmaking


- Sentry gun fortification has more ammo, more accurate and doesn't overheat
- (Not quite sure) Repair costs decreased
- As stated above, bots more efficient

...Probably a few other things I forgot...

Copy my GearGame folder to your Gears5 folder, overwrite the files.
The config folder has all the text files, feel free to edit them to your heart's content :)

Simply edit the .json or .ini files included in my mod.
Parameters like damage and a few others cannot be modified in online lobbies. You need to be offline/LAN to notice a difference.

If Gears 5 updates then mod is broken.
To fix, find unmodded GearGame.b2index in your game folder \Gears5\GearGame\Content\B2
(you probably need vanilla b2index file so if you only have modded one then delete it and re-verify your game)

Place b2index in a hex editor (like HxD)

Search file for each .json and .ini included in mod by name and replace the first letter. i.e. DefaultGame.ini replaced with XefaultGame.ini