Galactic Civilizations II

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  1. thenoseknows
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    Wait, aren't you one of the major contributors to the Community Update? They've got your name listed right at the top of the credits. If this new mod is needed to undo some of your 'extreme' changes, why did you include them in the Community Update in the first place?
    1. Gaunathor
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      Yes, I was one of the main contributors. However, I quit working on the CU due to stress and IRL issues long before it was "finished".

      As to why I added those extreme changes in the first place (mainly the changes to the farming improvements in order to improve AI behaviour, the removal of some of the power plant improvements and techs in order to prevent a bug, the changes to the starting improvements of the minor races in order to fix a bug, the removal of several starbase modules due to AI constraints, and the "balance" changes to several planetary improvements and techs)? Well, I thought I was improving the game. There were two commenters who voiced some concern regarding the changes (I think one was about the bonuses added to the Tech Victory technology, and the other about the changes to the farming improvements), but the majority was all in favour. In general though, I wasn't getting much feedback, despite constantly asking for it.
      It wasn't until after I quit the project and finally played an un-modded game again (which I hadn't done for several years) that I realised the mistakes I made. I tried telling the rest of the team to undo some of those changes, especially the one to the farming improvements, because it actually made things worse, but they kept them in and went in a direction that deviated from the base game even more. So, I began to repurpose my old mod in order to "fix" the CU, because I knew it would eventually get included into the base game.

      TL/DR I was an idiot, who got swept away with the opportunity to finally fix the game, and made several mistakes, that I regretted ever since.

      Also, sorry for the very late reply. You may have noticed, that I'm not getting many comments here. So I usually don't check very often. Still, I hope I answered your question.