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This mod overhauls the game to play more like the last pre-Community Update version.

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Autumn Twilight v2 is a overhaul mod for Galactic Civilizations 2 - Ultimate Edition. Its purpose is to remove the more extreme changes made to the game due to the integration of the Community Update, to make the gameplay more like how it was in the last official version (v2.04), and to fix as many of the remaining bugs as possible.


  • restored a lot of content that got removed/replaced by the Community Update (e.g., technologies, planetary improvements, starbase modules, etc.)
  • changed the tech trees to more closely resemble the original ones, and made a few balancing adjustments (primarily to the weapons trees)
  • changed a lot of techs so you can trade and/or steal them again
  • restored the original gameplay values (i.e., abilities, planetary improvements, and so on) and made some small balancing adjustments
  • undid several changes to the UI made by the Community Update (e.g., the removal of the ability to buy planets from the AI)
  • and more...

For more details regarding the changes made in the mod, please take a look at the changelog.

For a comparison of the gameplay related differences between Autumn Twilight and v2.04 of GalCiv 2, please take a look at the Comparison spreadsheet.

Questions, feedback, and general comments are always welcome!

I hope you like Autumn Twilight, and have fun playing it!


1. Download and unzip thefile, then place the Mods folder into GalCiv 2's Twilight folder.

The exact path depends onwhere you got the game from and where you installed it.

For example, the standard-path for the Steam-version is:
C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Galactic Civilizations II – Ultimate Edition\Twilight

While for the GOG-version it's:
C:\GOG Games\Galactic Civilizations II\Twilight

1.1 This part is optional. If you don't care about the campaigns, then continue with point 2.

Place the unzipped Campaigns folder into the following folder:
...\Galactic Civilizations II - Ultimate Edition\Twilight\Data\English

1.2 When asked to overwrite the existing Campaigns folder, press 'Yes'. None of the existing files will be overwritten.

2. Start the game and goto the Options menu. On the 'Game' tab, activate the 'Use Mods' option.

3. Now click on the 'Change' button in the lower right corner of the 'Current Mods Directory' box. This will open a new window. There click on 'Default'. This will close the window and cause the game to use the mods directory for the expansion Twilight of the Arnor instead of the base game.

4. Click on 'Change' again. Now select Autumn Twilight and click on 'Done'. The 'Current Mods Directory' should now look like this (depending on your game-version and installation path): C:\GOG Games\Galactic Civilizations II\Twilight\Mods\Autumn Twilight

5. Restart the game, so the changes take effect.

6. If you have played the game or a previous version of Autumn Twilight before, go to the folder User Name\My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor and
delete any files with the ending .raceconfigxml. Otherwise, any changes to the races can't take effect. You will also need to start a new game, because mod-changes cannot affect games currently in progress.


1. To uninstall the mod, change the 'Current Mods Directory' to 'Default' in the game. Then delete the Autumn Twilight folder under
Galactic Civilizations II\Twilight\Mods and repeat all steps from point 6. of the Installation instructions.

2. To uninstall the updated campaigns, delete all files starting with AT from the Campaigns main and sub-folders under
Galactic Civilizations II - Ultimate Edition\Twilight\Data\English\Campaigns


MarvinKosh – for inspiring me to expand my original mod to fix the tech trees too, and inviting me to help with the CU (which ultimately lead to this new version of Autumn Twilight)

Tolmekian – for discussing several balance changes in the original version of my mod with me, and providing general tips

Sole Soul – for providing information regarding several game mechanics (especially logistics and taxes)

MabusAltarn – for providing information regarding some issues with the minor races' tech tree and how the espionage flavour text entries work

MisterAedan – for helping with the testing of my original mod, providing feedback, and giving me an idea for some small changes to the Drengin tech tree (part of which are still in the new version)

UnleashedElf – for helping with the testing of my original mod and providing lots of feedback and encouragement

Spinorial - for providing a fixed version of the RaceImage05_neutral.bik (fixes the flickering)

Maiden666 – for discussing several balance changes with me (primarily to the ability bonuses, political parties, and UP proposals)