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This mod includes a new sphere grid focused on a job system like in Final Fantasy X-2 (Costume Spheres).
Auron and Rikku are already in your party.
Equipment included.

Permissions and credits

This new linear(*) Sphere Grid offers a classic job system, focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

After you have learned & mastered your job (for example Black Mage) you can use your teleport spheres
in your inventory to learn a new one.
(just teleport / warp to the new start point of the job of your choice)

You can mix every character with every job
and also combine jobs to create efficent combos! 
(you can find the default party members below)

* linear means that there is only one way to go (start point -> end point!)
on your new sphere grid for every job! 
(other ways are blocked with a Lv. 4 sphere stop!)

Each job has its own selection of abilites and more focus is placed on stat points.
That means that the luck stats and other values are more costumized.
You can also find some luck spheres in your inventory to raise your luck stat early on.

The Black Mage 【default: Lulu】 focuses on offensive magic and learns several support abilities
that enable them to cast magic faster and more efficent. 
It can also learn Lv.1 White Magic.
Black Mage has low Strength and Defense but high Magic Defense and Magic.

The Dark Knight 【default: Auron】 dons heavy battle armor.
It focuses on high HP and defensiv stats and
can also learn Black Magic like Demi.

The Druid 【default: Kimahri】 has access to low Lv Black & White Magic and some interesting abilites.
His stat values are balanced and he is an allrounder not having access to high Lv skills.
He can still use Lancet to learn new Overdrives.

The Ms. Fortune - Mr. Fortune 【default: Wakka】 is perfect for raising your luck stat and use it in battle.
Crazy Abilities and a mixture of stat value makes it unique. (Attacks can cause slow)
Ms. Fortune - Mr. Fortune relies on high luck stats.

The Thief 【default: Rikku】  focuses on Steal & Use, Distill Abilities
and is now a more useful melee fighter thanks to its crit chance and better stat values. 
Thief has a high crit chance, Strength and Agility, but low HP & Defense.

The Warrior 【default: Tidus】 focuses on Buster & Break Tech Abilites, 
has access to some low Lv White Magic Spells 
and supports the party members with buffs. 
Warrior has high Strength, Agility, Evasion, but low HP.

The White Mage 【default: Yuna】 has access to high Lv White Magic 
and focuses on supporting party members. 
White Mage has low Strength and Defenses but high Magic.

Every Party Member is available at your start point!
(Kilika Woods

This is mainly because I thought it'd be better if you can
choose who you want to level early on.
Some jobs will take longer to level then others, so I don't
want any disadvantages.

Addition: You have Mindy in your party! If you want her to
stay forever, don't change her out in your party!
You can change her Equipment and Overdrive.
I know that she sometimes disappears but there is no 
solution at this point of the mod.
(But you can use FFXED or Farplane Editor to get her back in)

Don't summon Magus Sisters in Kilika Forest because
your game could freeze!

I've added starter equipment for every job that helps
to balance and supports early game.
Armor of each character provides the "capture" ability.
You can change it everytime you want.
I'm gonna add more weapons & armor in the future.

Every job has a different start overdrive, so check it out!

To install this mod you need to download this save file and put it in your save folder.
Be careful.
If you already have a save with number 6 just rename it or save a back up.


Load your new file in game and you'll find yourself in Kilika Woods with all party members plus Mindy and your Job Starter Equipment.


There should not be any problem with other mods like Sin Unleashed Difficulty & Seymour Mod Suite 
or save game editors like FFXED or FARPLANE EDITOR.

If you find any bugs just let me know.


p1 2019-03-21 , created Guide
p2 2019-03-22 , added video introduction