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You start at elevator up to Dollet Tower during the SeeD mission. Interesting item collection, instant LVL100 G.F.s, as soon as you unlock them the regular way and a full spell book for everyone (after this the spells don't get deleted anymore).

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Move the file to this folder:
C:\ Users \ <Your username> \ Documents \ My Games \ FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered \ Steam \ <Your SteamID64> \ game_data \ user \ saves
make a backup of your own savegame if you have on there and then simply overwrite it with mine.
Load it up and start playing.

  • Many items available (except the ones for Quistis Blue Magic, because you should still play a bit if you want these. :P)
  • All G.F.s have a preset of 22 abilities learnt and are level 100. You may change their abilities by using Amnesia Greens to make them forget an ability and then using other item for learning a new one. You need to unlock your G.F.s the regular way. This savegame isn't completely hand-holding.
  • There is only one short occasion where you
  • I've performed all actions necessary to reach the highest SeeD rank absolving the Dollet mission.
  • 8 pages full off spells to junction or use for every char. Be aware that you will become easily OP with your chars too if you junction the spells. The spells a char has do NOT get deleted after this point in the game. I am currently at a playthrough and I am almost at the end. Everyone kept their spells. Even the special char in the spoiler. ;) I experienced that there are multiple points previous this one, where all chars appear to lose all their spells currently available (except Squall and Quistis). So this was the safest point to create such a savegame.

Why the hell should I use it?
If you don't want to use the boosters and cheats available in the game already, but still like to have some advantages - this savegame is perfectly for you.
Have you played the PSX version to the fullest and would love to be able to start with some sort of New Game Plus (NG+) here on the Remastered Edition? This savegame is perfectly for you.
Just be sure that you start at this point during the Dollet mission:
It's right before going up the elevator, so you need to play there normally if you don't want to miss the start of the game.
This late savegame is necessary, otherwise all spells in the spellbook of all chars (except Squall and Quistis) would disappear. After this point everything that is set up stays. :)

This savegame is a bad cheat!
Which is the exact reason of why I request that as Tag for this "mod".

No I mean it's a seriously bad cheat. You don't even have 100%!
Yes, it wasn't meant to be some sort of that kind of savegame. Have you check the boosters and ingame-cheats available for the game? You don't get many of the items I provide in my savegame. Neither do you get all monster and boss cards automatically.
Neither do your G.F. appear as LVL100 with 22 abilities as soon as you unlock them. Which is OP alright.
So this savegame provides a lot more than what the ingame booster and cheats do (except of hyper mode for sure. ;)).
This mod is meant that you still should enhance your characters and see G.F.s as an enormous boost for the whole party.

I actually like some aspects of your savegame, but I would like to increase all chars to ridiculous stats of 255 with 9999 HP and have ALL the cards available in menu, ...!
You can perfectly use my savegame as resource for your own experience as Hyne is useable for everyone.
Use it to make it easier or more difficult in the way you want. Be sure that any change will stick to it and there will be no magical resetting happening, as this is the last point in the game where a character reset (Selphie in that case) happens. :)
Feel free to remove and lock all cards again, lower the G.F. level (Careful with the abilities, Hyne can somewhat mess up G.F. abilities by restoring already forgotten abilities automatically. You need to delete them again, before you save your change!), clear the spell book (You know that was a lot of work to add? :P) or even add ALL THE ITEMS and Timer Maniac magazines.
I wanted to keep something open for the player to collect, as this should rather be some sort of "easy playthrough" savegame not a "start with 100%" savegame. ;)