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FFVIII - Graphical Update Mod (GUM)

To use this mod, you will need Tonberry as well as hashmap codes (pretty sure I am currently using the hashmaps from the AngelWing mod, so simply installing AngelWing and then this mod on top of AngelWing (overwriting anything required) will solve all your hashmap issues.

You can get Tonberry as well as AngelWing from the Qhimm forums

This mod IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. It is not completed, there are still many screens that have issues, and I'm sure there are still issues I am still not aware of. This is simply an archive of what this project currently has to offer.

All images from this mod were generated from the original files, using a GAN I trained myself. Every background image in the game has been altered in this pack and requires beta testing to determine which backgrounds still require some manual work. Not all the backgrounds turn out nicely, this is mostly due to how horrible some backgrounds are. They simply do not upscale well. As well as any background that includes an npc as part of the background, they also do not upscale well and to be honest, require an artist to remake them. As for the backgrounds that don't upscale well, there may be a different filtering process I could put them thru or something that may improve the way they look, but atm, they are what they are.