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A gameplay mod aimed at making the game more similar to Final Fantasy VII

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Classic Combat & More is a minor gameplay overhaul aiming to bring Remake closer to Classic in myriad ways.

Combat utilizes a timed ATB system
Every party member slowly gains ATB over time
Attacking no longer fills the ATB gauge
Dodging and blocking slows ATB by 75%
AI party members now have as much aggro weight as the player
Limit Break is only gained by taking damage
Materia affects stats (positively and negatively)
Items and Materia have been renamed (Healing is now Restore, Amplify is now All etc...)
Various formulas have been adjusted to make combat tactical and enjoyable
Stagger damage is locked to 300%
No MP regeneration
No stat changes / fully compatible with any other mods that adjust party/enemy/boss stats
Fights with summons allow for up to 3 summons during the encounter
Summons immediately use their ultimate attack and leave
Adjusted camera distance, the in-game camera settings are now 1: Close, 2: Medium, and 3: Far

Classic Spell Patch
adds the classic style materia names from FF7

This mod is the successor to HardMod and Classic ATB. While based on those two mods it's been greatly expanded upon and balanced. The difficulty is definitely not as tough as HardMod but still a little more challenging than vanilla. The main focus of this mod as opposed to the other two is to make Remake more similar to Classic in any way possible.

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Final update: I'm incredibly happy with the state of the mod and have decided this will be the final and complete version.

I consider all of my mods to be 100% open and free, so if someone wishes
to made a mod based entirely on one of mine with whatever changes I
completely support it and you don't need my permission.

As of 1/24/22 I am no longer making mods for FF7r, so please don't request
anything. I will however fix bugs if any are discovered.

Enjoy the mod!