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Foreign Lands is a mod that includes all new license boards with eastern inspiration, many new abilities, and an overall difficulty increase for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

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Current Version 3.2.3 as of December 25th 2020

*Version 3.2.3 includes a fix to the issue of Gabranth's cinematic attacks causing the game to crash*

Foreign Lands is a challenging new mod complete with all new features to re-experience Final Fantasy XII with. Here's everything that will change when downloading Foreign Lands:

License Boards:
- 12 all new boards replace the boards from vanilla FFXII, and they each introduce a new style and theme built on eastern inspiration.

- Several new Magick spells have replaced less-useful ones from the base game.
- Many returning spells have been buffed or rebalanced, including the tier 1 elemental spells like Fire and Thunder, buffs, and debuffs.
- Most of the technicks from vanilla FFXII have been removed and replaced with all new abilities that are more  reliable.
- While not abilities, Motes have been buffed, and many have been given all new names and animations for spells not normally accessible to the player.
   - Motes and Fangs have been replaced with Ofuda and Fulu respectively. Ofuda are magical while Fulu are physical.
- No abilities will be given to the player after any specific characters join. Vaan will not come with Steal, for example. Players will need to purchase these abilities or find them in chests.

- Every weapon has at least one option that does not require licenses, so feel free to experiment with different weapons early on and see who's animations you like best.
- Weapon damage has been rebalanced to be stronger early on and weaker later on. Many weapons have additional purposes that grant them utility beyond when they're initially required.
- Hammers have been replaced with Savage Arms for the Oni Warrior. These use the strength formula.
- Axes have been replaced with Martial Arts for the Buddhist. These mostly use the strength formula, but a few exceptions exist.
- Measures have been completely reworked to be usable offensively.
- Ninja Swords and Hand-Bombs have been redesigned to where early weapon options are much weaker and accessible earlier in the game.
- "Super" weapons have been toned down to normal levels and have been included as licensed equipment. This was done in the spirit of the challenge aspects of the game.

Check the Traveler's Tips in-game to learn more about which weapons have what damage formulas. This also will tell you which exception weapons use what formulas as well.

Characters and Espers:
- All six characters no longer begin with any licenses other than essentials. Everyone will only be able to use the skills associated with their boards.
- Guests have been tweaked based on new abilities, and will come with updated gambits.
- Espers have been streamlined so that early Espers like Belias and Mateus are still reliable late-game. They've each been given their own unique set of abilities, and their gambits have been redesigned to be much more reliable.

- All enemies in the game have been buffed with double their maximum HP, and their stats are all 30% stronger.
- Many rare game that drop trophies will also drop powerful equipment.
- Many enemy abilities have been enhanced.
- Some enemies have had their abilities changed to make them more challenging.

Foreign Lands 1 Year Anniversary!
Foreign Lands has been out for a year now, as 1.0 launched on January 5th, 2019. To celebrate, there is now an optional download for Year of the Rat Textures, where each character will wear the Chinese symbol of the rat in honor of the 2020 Chinese New Year. This texture mod was made courtesy of the user @Skopin here on nexus mods. Check out their other texture mods!
Note: These are optional and can be downloaded as extra. As such, they are not included in the Foreign Lands download.

Please check the articles page for a list of changes made in version 3.0 and onward.