Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Updated textures and colors for the main party's faces and hair.

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This mod enhances the party's facial features to make them look more realistic. There are no major retextures or large modifications; rather, this is focused on improving the existing faces to look better in-game while still matching the CGI scenes.

All members of the party received enhancements to their eyes, skin, and lips. Texture was added to both the skin and lips, and colors were added to the eyes, including making the "white" part of the eyes actually white, instead of skin-colored.

v2.0 added more lifelike eyes by using custom textures on the iris for each character
v3.0 toned down the eye colors for Balthier, Balthier, and Ashe, and added new hair textures to all party members
v3.1 added a pink hair variant for Penelo
v4.0 added multiple eye color options for all party members
v5.0 overhauled all eye colors for all characters and added natural, less vibrant options for each variant for every character.
v6.0 adds support for the Vortex mod manager, and makes some small changes to Vaan, Penelo, and Basch.

12-Mar-2019 Update - Recompressed the files at the request of DaedalusMachina007. There are no changes to the files themselves, so if you have already downloaded v5.0, you do not need to download them again.

v6.0 and later
Download using Vortex (select the Mod Manager Download option from the Files page, or the Vortex button below the cover image). The installer will walk through the various options.

v5.0 and earlier
Unzip the file and use DrakLab to inject. 
Instructions on how to use DrakLab can be found here.

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!