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This is an improved version of my old FF XII Winds of Change mod.
There will be more than 100 new spells, 12 new Jobs, a new Soundtrack, different enemies in each map and much more.

Permissions and credits
The contents of all treasures have been changed.
I won't tell you where the new spells will be, because you just need to explore the various map of the game to find them.
Normal spells will be in shops, while rare spells will be in easily found places.
The enemies have been completely changed, now the various game maps will contain different enemies that will use different abilities to defeat you.
The difficulty level will be similar to New Game-.
A new soundtrack has also been added.
It can be activated during installation and is completely optional, if you do not want the new soundtrack do not activate it.
New loots has been added that you can receive by defeating the various new monsters and that you will need to unlock the new bazaar added in the various shops in the game.
The shop and the bonuses obtained through rank-up within the clan have also all been changed.
All shops now sell different items, spells and abilities.
Three special items that can be obtained at the beginning of the story have been added that will allow you to access three special bazaars that will make the final stages of the game much smoother and easier to access.
The duration of many status effects has been changed, such as Blind and Silence which no longer have an infinite duration.
The AI ​​of the monsters have been made smarter to get them to use the new abilities and spells against you.
All items costs in shops have been changed as they now have an enhanced effect.
Some graphical changes have been made in the game and in the various boss cutscenes (read the mod DOCS for some errors created due to these additions).
They have been added new dialogues in the Tutorial between Basch and Vossler.
Five new super bosses, rare enemies have been added.
The first and the fourth are in Feywood, the second in Nabreus, the third in the depths of the Ridorana Pharos and the fifth in Nabudis.

There are three version of the mod.

Veteran: This is the original version of the mod.
By choosing this option you will play the improved version of my old mod, the difficulty is very similar to New Game-.

Strategic: By choosing this option you will play the strategic version of the mod, all the characters will have the same stats and Level Up, you will be able to use all the licenses of the game and the use of the characters in battle will depend on your choices based on the progression of the License Board .
There are two different types of license boards:
Equipments: First choose this type of board that will allow you to access the equipment and skills of the game and then through the second license board unlock the '' Auguments '' board
Auguments: contains all the bonuses of the game, it is advisable to unlock it later with the double license board.

Hero: By choosing this option you will play the more difficult version of the mod. Characters and guests will increase only in HP and MP, the Espers will be weaker and the enemies will have a more aggressive AI. You will be forced to use full HP and HP Critical bonuses to win the battles.

Here are some of the many changes that the mod makes to the game(there are to many to write them all in this place)

All characters will have the reflect pierce active, so reflect will now be much more useful in battle.
Guests will all have Spellbound and EXPx2 active and other bonus in battle.
Character balance has been changed.
MP will now increase more slowly and each character's bonus level up has been completely changed.

Vaan: he will have good parameters of strength and magic power but low vitality and speed.
He will start with an Elemental Katana and light armors.
Stats: STR 23 MAG 23 VIT 21 SPD 21 HP\MP balanced

Balthier: he will have higher strength and HP stats but low magic power and speed.
He will start with a hammer, a shield and a heavy armors
Stats: STR 23 MAG 18 VIT 23 SPD 21 High HP low MP

Fran: She will have good vitality and speed stats but she will have a low strength and magical power.
She will start with a Crossbow and light armors and Equos and Scan spells.
Stats: STR 18 MAG 18 VIT 26 SPD 26

Basch: He will have a good amount of HP, strength and vitality but he will have low magic power.
He will start with and heavy armors and Steal.
Stats: STR 20 MAG 20 VIT 26 SPD 23

Ashe: She will be a great support character for all situations.
She will start with a Mace, a shield and magical protections.
Stats: STR 20 MAG 20 VIT 23 SPD 23

Penelo: She will have a good amount of MP and magic power but she will have low strength and vitality.
She will start with a Magic sword, a shield and magical protections and with the spells Lightningbolt and Whirlwind.
Stats: STR 18 MAG 23 VIT 21 SPD 26

Basch (Tutorial): In the early stages of the game you will now control Basch and not Reks.
He will be equipped with military protections and weapons and he will be able to use Barrier and Flame.

The guest skills have all been changed to give you more support in battle.

Amalia: She will now start with an Axe and she can use Shield spell.
Her accessory will immunize her from Silence and Sap

Basch: Now he will start directly with his armor and can use Requiem spell.
His accessory will give him +3 STR and 1 VIT

Lamont and Larsa: Now he will start with a Katana(K.O 5%) and he can use Vital Flow, Restore, Barrier, Scan and Ice.
his accessory will give him +3 MAG and MP +15

Vossler: will have the 3D model of his weapon modified( Leviathan Immobilize 8%, Sandsea Disable 8%) and he will be able to use Absorption, Pain, Wild Nature and Power Blow abilities.
His accessory will increase the damage dealt by his attacks by + 20%.

Rikken: Instead of Reddas now Rikken will join your party and he will use a Greatsword and light armors.
He will be able to use Miracle, Recover spells and Zeninage and Telekinesis abilities.
His accessory will immunize him from certain enemy abilities and spells.

All the Esper except Belias must now be freed by defeating their reincarnation.
They will also have new abilities in addition to their original abilities, all will have Lure active and they will be able to cast all their abilities and spells instantly.

Belias: Will use HPx2, Flame and Burning Circle.
Mateus: Will use Ice, Deep Cold and Gaia's Blessing.
Adremmelech: Will use Lightiningbolt, Dawn's Bolt and Time Stop.
Hashmal: Will use Impact, Earth Rage and Vital Flow
Cuchulainn: Will use Mind Stop, Waver, Reaver, Melody and Contamination.
Famfrit: Will use Waterfall, Rushing Current and Requiem
Zalera: Will use Death and Warp
Shemhazai: Will use Gale, Flame Breath and Resonance
Chaos: Will use Whirlwind, Hurricanes and Gamma.
Zeromus: Will use Barrier and Sentence
Exodus: Will use Shield and Destruction
Ultima: Will use Morning Star, Restore, Gaia's Blessing, Dia and Recover
Zodiark: Will use Aidios, Mors and Oblivion.


Use: Ancient Spears that can inflict K.O, Dark Blade that can inflict dangerous debuffs like Confuse.
With a decent amount of HP, it's the only jobs that can use forbidden magicks. He is not very useful against bosses and hunts but can easily K.O any enemy you encounter.
Use: Grandpoles  which allow him to have a great Evade and Measures which allow him to inflict moderate damage on enemies.
Manages to withstand large amounts of enemy attacks, can unlock some items bonus and high level spells.
Use Elemental Katana that can inflict heavy damage exploit the various enemies elemental weakness and Shields.
Equipped with balanced parameters, he is very useful in many situations and can avoid some enemy immunities by using his spells, he uses Expose and Shear to weaken the enemy.
Use: Some Staves that allow to protect him better from enemies magick,  Bare-hands and Knuckles for inflict a good damage.
He does have a good amount of HP and a good strength and physical defense, his skills items and spells allow him to give great support to the party.
Use: Hammers, and Greatblades to inflict heavy damage, Guns to hit the flying units, and shields.
Equipped with high physical parameters, he can easily destroy groups of enemies with his powerful blows and also has a high evade. His abilities allow him to heal some ailments, HP, or activate Berserk.
Use: Guns to inflict many combo and Hand-bombs to inflict heavy damage exploit the various enemies weakness.
Learns many items bonus, and is useful as a physical support in difficult times. He can also inflict many debuff using his spells and his abilities allow him to have a good advantage in battle.
Mirror Warrior:
Use: Mirror Axes to protect from enemies magick and maces to inflicts fast damage
Equipped with low parameters, but he can defend himself against almost any enemy spell, later in the story he can also inflict some altered state, uses Wither and Addle to weaken the enemy.
Use: Staves for protect himself from some enemies magick spells.
Equipped with high magical power, uses the elements to destroy the enemy, can use items to restore MP.
Elemental Knight:
Use: Magic Swords and Shields.
It has a very low physical attack and uses his spells to inflict damage and debuff at the same time as the enemy. He is not very good for the front line, but he can withstand a few hits thanks to the shields.
Use: Dirks that allow to him to active Shell or Haste to self, magic swords for inflict some debuff to the enemies and Bows to hit the flying units.
Slow in attacks but it can use Steal earlier in the game and many others abilities in battle, moreover it is the only class that can use all the Magick Status.
Use: Rods that give to the user extra MP and shields.
Focused on magical support and healing, he help the team by protecting and healing them from enemy attacks and abilities. When he's not busy healing, he can do some damage as well.
Use: Crossbows for inflict debuff and Bows to inflict damage from distance.
Lethal against flying units and only hits from a distance using the game terrain to his advantage and learns a lot of technical skills and is focused on critical damage.

The final weapons will now have different 3D models from the original.
All weapons have undergone a variation in their damage formula, will have different uses, and a description has been added next to their name that will help you understand what kind of damage they will inflict:

M.RES: Your character's strenght versus the enemy's magic defense.
PRC: The weapon pierces the enemy's defenses.
SPD: The weapons depends on the speed of the character
POW: The weapon depends on the sum of the character's magic power and strength.
STR: The weapon depends on the strength of the character.
MAG: The weapon depends on the character's magic.
C.STR: The weapon depends on the sum of strength and speed, but will get more bonuses with greater strength and can inflict critical damage.
VIT: The weapon depends on the sum of the character's vitality and strength.
C.SPD: The weapon depends on the sum of strength and speed, but will get more bonuses with greater speed and can inflict critical damage.
P. Fire, Ice and etc ..: The weapon or equipment will enhance the element in the name description.
H. Fire, Ice and etc ..: The weapon or equipment will halve the damage taken by the element in the name description.
Due to the limited space,
some weapons will have these descriptions along with Potency or Halve: FR = Fire, TH: Thunder, IC: Ice, WN: Wind, EH: Earth, DR: Dark, HL: Holy.

Stats Weapons:
CT = Charge Time.
CT 20\25 = The weapon is very fast.
CT 25\35 = The weapon has a normal speed.
CT 35\44 = The weapon is very slow.

Unarmed: Depends on the character's level and strength, the base attack will be 13 and the combo has been increased to 15%. 2H, CT 25
Magic Swords: 1H + Shields M.RES, EVADE + 5, CT 31, COMBO 7%
Great Swords: 2H STR, EVADE 20, CT 32, COMBO 8%
Elemental Katana: 1H + Shields SPD, EVADE 7\20, CT 29, COMBO 6%\16%
Dark Blades: 1H + Shields MAG, EVADE 10, CT 32, COMBO 4%
Ancient Spears: 2H POW, EVADE 13, CT 34, 0% COMBO
Grandpoles: 2H STR, EVADE 25, CT 38, COMBO 10% Equip Dmg -25%
Bows: 2H + Arrows(ATT+) C.STR, EVADE 10, CT 34, CRITICAL 10%
Crossbows: 2H + Bolts(Debuff) C.SPD EVADE 20, CT 36, CRITICAL 7%
Guns: 2H + Shots(ATT+) VIT, EVADE 5, CT 42, COMBO 30%
Mirror Axes: 1H + Shields MAG, EVADE 0, CT 30, COMBO 9%, Equip Mirror.
Hammers: 1H + Shields VIT, EVADE 4, CT 31, COMBO 4%
Dirks: 2H PRC, EVADE 10, CT 37, CRITICAL 3\14%, Equip Spell -32% or ATB -50%.
Rods: 1H + Shields POW, EVADE 11, CT 37, COMBO 4%, Give Extra MP.
Staves: 2H M.RES, EVADE 0, CT 34, COMBO 6%, Halve some elements.
Maces: 2H SPD, EVADE 20, CT 27, COMBO 12%
Measures: C.STR, EVADE 0, CT 30, CRITICAL 5%
Hand-Bombs: PRC, EVADE 0, CT 44, CRITICAL 0\15%

The ammunition will also be completely different.

Arrows: Will increase the damage of the weapon
Bolts: Will inflict debuff
Shots: Will greatly increase the damage of the weapon
Bombs: Will deal elemental damage and altered statuses to
the enemy.

Shields will now have greater evasion, and they will slightly increase all character stats.

Shields with special effect:
Oath's Shield: Immune Sleep
Leather Shield: Halve Fire
Burn Shield: Immune Fire, Equip Poison
Snow Shield: Immune Ice, Equip Sap
Taurus Shield: Equip HP +3%
Soul Shield: Equip Dmg -25% and Spell -32%
Matriarch's Shield: Greatly increases HP and MP
Chaos Shield: Halve Dark
Elemental Shield: Halve Fire, Ice and Thunder
Sinner's Shield: Block 60% of enemy hits but Equip Disease and Lure
Shield of the Immortal: Equip Reverse

They have been completely rebalanced, they will have a different defense and magical defense, and they will give totally different bonuses.

Light Protections: MAX M.RES 61 MAX DEF 67.
Slightly increases all the stats of the character except the MP and his HP considerably.

Magical Protections: MAX M.RES 73 MAX DEF 61.
Increase considerably the magic power, MP and the power of some spells.

Heavy Protections: MAX M.RES 51 MAX DEF 76.
They greatly increase the strength and discreetly the vitality of the character.

Light Protections with special effects:
Leather Cap: Halve Fire
Dream's Hat: Immune Sleep
Aero Cap: Potency Wind
Silken Mask: Equip Spell -32%
Adamant Hat: Potency Fire
Crown of Laurels: Equip ATT+50%
Viking Coat: Halve Water
Adamant Vest: Potency Ice
Rubber Suit: Halve Wind
Mirage Vest: Equip Mirror

Magick protections with special effects:
Magick Church: Halve Ice
Topkapi Hat: Halve Thunder
Lamia's Tiara: Immune Slow
Astrakhan Hat: Equip ATB -50%
Celebrant's Miter: Halve Holy
Enchanter's Habit: Potency Fire and Water
Black Garb: Potency Dark
Maduin Gear: Equip Mirror
Cleric's Robes: Potency Holy
Black Robes: Give +5 Extra M.RES

Heavy protections with special effects:
Sallet: Have Earth
Winged Helm: Immune Slow
Close Helmet: Immune Disease
Steel Mask: Immune Confuse
Dragon Helm: Potency Earth
Soul Helm: Ignore enemies evade
Demon Mail: Halve Dark
Diamond Armor: Equip HP +3%
Windged Mail: Equip Float
Platinum Armor: Immune Stop
Genji Armor: Protects from enemy elemental bonus due to weather

They have been completely changed, some will allow you to have double protection against enemy alteration spells while others will greatly increase one or two of the allied stats.
If an accessory does not have the description during the purchase, it means that it will increase the allied statistics.
Just buy it to know which statistics it will increase.

Use of special accessories:
Wizard's Armlet: Increases MAG by +3 and MP +15
Life Ring: Increases HP by +110
Steel Armlet: Immune Sleep and Slow
Battle harness: Increases STR by +3 and VIT by +1
Dark Necklace: Immune Doom and X-zone
Orrachea Armlet: Equip HP +3%
Gold Pendant: Immune Silence and Sap
War Armlet: STR +2 SPD +5 Counter
Leather Belt: Increases SPD +10
Sacred Amulet: Reduces magic cost by 15%
Tiger Ring: Reduces weapon attack speed and abilties and spells casting by 12%
Linen Belt: Immune Poison and Immobilize
Merlin's Pendant: Halve Fire, Thunder and Ice
Defense Pendant: Immune against certain enemy spells and abilities
Black Ring: Immune Petrify and Disable
Cat-ear-Hood: Halve Dark and Holy
Time Ring: Immune Stop and Confuse
Soul's Armlet: Increases HP +450 and MP +65
Mana Ring: Increases MP +150
Lion Miter: Increases SPD and VIT +10
Berserker Bracers: Increases physical damage dealt by 20%
Pelt Boots: Increases HP by 750
Iron Ring: Halve Earth, Water and Wind
Power Belt: Increases STR and MAG +5
War Boots: Increases the chance of block with shield by +6%
Gauntlets: Increases VIT +10
Yin and Yang: Potency Holy and Dark
Windget Boots: Equip Invisible, Float and Libra
Mithra Boots: Potency Wind and Earth
White Sandals: Immune Reverse and Disease

The spells have all been changed, they will have different animations and their learning has also been changed and the shops will now sell different spells.
Just read their new description to understand how to use them in battle to your advantage.
Spells are divide into five groups:

Support Magick: Scan, Equos, Moon, Mystic, Vital Flow, Shield, Breath, Barrier, Revive, Restore, Dia, Float, Mirror, Confuse, Gaia's Blessing, Dispelga, HPx2, Reverse, Bravery, Faith, Miracle, Recover, Assault , Protection, Morning Star.
Elemental Magick: Whirlwind, Lightningbolt, Waterfall, Ice, Impact, Flame, Frenzy, Oil, Great Lake, Flame Breath, Gale, Resonance, Siphon, Drain, Hurricanes, Dawn's Bolt, Rushing Current, Deep Cold, Burning Circle, Earth Rage, Apocalypse, Destruction, Souls, Sentence, Meteorite.
Ailment Magick: Contamination, Requiem, Mind Stop, Melody, Waver, Reaver, Decoy, Vanish, Alt, Stone, Silencega, Blindga, Time Zero, Faint, Mors, Aidios, Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Alter.
Forbidden Magick: Death, Darkness, Oblivion, Warp, Another.
Status Magick: X-Cure, Roulette, Wither, Expose, Shear, Addle

New skills have also been added that can only be used by certain classes
Skills: Karma, Reaper, Mega-Punch, Nightfall, Venom, Fiery Soul, The End, Wild Nature, Absorpion, Zeninage, Vortex, Motivate, Gray, Chakra, Heart Break.

Items: Their use has been completely changed and they will now have a very wide healing range, now you will have to use a good synergy between items and healing magic to win. Now the items can heal yourself from many ailment spell.

How to install:
  1. Download, install and open the Vortex Mod Manager.
  2. Select Games on the left side bar.
  3. Search for Final Fantasy XII and select Manage.
  4. Download and install the External File Loader.
  5. Download and install the LUA Loader.
  6. Download The mod via the Mod Manager Download button in the files tab.
  7. Select Downloads on the left side bar of Vortex.
  8. Search for Final Fantasy XII Winds of Change v.2 and select Install.
  9. Enable The mod.
  10. Click on Elevate(the blue message) and play.
Choose only the mod that you want to play and if you want even the new soundtrack.