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Swapping mods with a variety of clothing that isn't available for the player,
and also for selected NPCs.

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I'd be very happy for your endorsement in this mod
and If you have any suggestions for improvements / fixes or other things, feel free to contact me :)


• Any of these mods, swap shirtspantsvests, necklaces and other accessories - ones that aren't available for the player
  (and for other NPCs ofc;),

• Including these wardrobe categories - top, bottomtopaccessorybottomaccessoryheadwearhandwear and more...

• Go to the tab "Files"  where you can find and download the mods.

• You need the 
Resistance-Mod to install the mods
  and also you need to have the latest version!!!

• Go to tab "Images", there you can find pics from the mods.

                                                                                                             ☡ ⚠ ☡

• There are currently no issues;)

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First of all, you must download the latest version of the Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod,
  then go to the tab "files" and there you can find the mods you want and download them.
  after downloading, extract the files (zip) and throw them into the 'ModifiedFiles' folder 
  located in the main Resistance-Mod folder (where the exe file is).
  Open the MI (mod-installer) and there you can find the mods under the category "AOY - _____ appearance".
  Enable what you want, click "INSTALL" and open the game at the end.

                                                      😸 😸 😸 😸 😸


1) Important messages are in the 
tab "Posts".

2) Keep the Resistance-mod up to date for latest bugs fixes of wardrobes!

When an update is released for my mod, in order to update the existing mod files,
     you must delete them and replace them with the new ones!

                                                                            ✠ ✠ ✠