Far Cry 5

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Mod that allow you to control resistance points, add enemies after region is liberated, unlock live events and more.

Permissions and credits


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Far Cry 5 is an amazingly beautiful game, where Montana’s original world is very accurately reproduced.
With a very powerful game engine and a developed playground.
But, as is often the case with large projects, much remained behind the scenes and was not included in the final release, and a lot of things were implemented not in the way users would like to see.
And after completing all the missions outside the main scenario, the game becomes lifeless and empty.

The presented mod is designed to solve many of these problems and add features not included in the final release of the game.
Make the game interesting and exciting even outside the main scenario.
Far Cry 5 - deserves more and the Resistance-Mod gives you this opportunity.

You will be able to control the weather and time, respawn enemies and participants in the resistance, defend roadblocks, change spawn modes: from war to quiet nirvana, hunting and fishing.
Add new and unrealized items to the store. Edit weapon parameters and rewards. And much more. Here is a list of the main options (packages) of the mod, also, you don't have to run them all, just select what you want:

  • Add enemies after region is liberated.
  • Remove startup videos and epilepsy warnings.
  • Unlocked outfits, weapons and vehicles.
  • You can change Resistance Points as you want.
  • Allow you to visit Veterans Center in Whitetail Mountains (Only youuuu......).
  • Replaces music in New Game+ with the Father's theme "Build a Castle" (Reinterpretation); note: before start NG+ you need to be at Dutch's Island.
  • Unlock all perks; note: except Leaders GFH (Guns for Hire).
  • Replace the "Post-apocalypse" main menu background to the original.
  • Faster parachute open (you don't have to hold Space, just press it).
  • Faith will not disappear when you approach to her. She also will stay longer.
  • You are able to go inside Father's statue without destroying it.
  • All outposts will have Eden's Gate decorations also after liberating.
  • Change the passage of time (stopped, slow, fast, night lasts like day, etc.).
  • NPCs will have randomly selected weapon (no more only AR-C rifle).
  • Ability to remove the Montana intro video.
  • Unlocked weapons from beginning of the game. You don't need to get x level of resistance (but have to buy it :D).
  • Unlocks John / Faith / Jacob bunkers.
  • The Confession mission equipment fix (bug which was never fixed).
  • Option to set the high difficulty of passing the game (hard - infamous, health is not regenerated).
  • The Hope County - different weather, rain and morning fog! Weather randomly changes from sunny to rainy with fogs in the morning.
  • Restore train from intro "Chase" in the Henbane River.
  • Spawn pseudo-leaders! Dutch, Eli, Hurk Sr., Jerome, Hudson, Seeds, sectarians and many others - will become your brothers in arms.
  • Flashlight toggle. Use the flashlight whenever you want.
  • Disable DOF (depth of field) e.g. on weapons.
  • Radio will play also after you leave a car (optionally).
  • Remove cult music and preaching from outposts occupied by sectarians.
  • Defend Outpost - new mini-mission at outposts.
  • Replace the outfit of a Junior Deputy with an earlier version from the opening part of the game.
  • Remove Faith hallucinations from Henbane River.
  • Your mercenaries (GFH) will chat less (optional).
  • Restore flags on cult vehicles from E3 presentation.
  • Increased timer in Jacob's Trials and Clutch Nixon missions.
  • Corpses stay after you liberate an outpost.
  • Turkish translation for the game.
  • Skip intro missions and start new game right in Dutch's bunker.
  • Upgradable perks also in normal campaign.
  • Restored / ported weapons A.J.M.9 and Blood Dragon Bow with Rex Colt outfit from New-Dawn.
  • Some bugfixes for the game: discovery bug of dock at Nolan's shop; floating tree in Henbane River etc.
  • Package set Ceano's Movements (higher jump, can move in shallow water etc.).
  • skinning mod and takedowns from previous FC games.
  • and more...

You can install packages of other authors hosted on Nexus Mods with a link to Resistance-Mod in Description.
You can even try to become a developer and author of packages yourself.
Using development tools and documentation.
Developers live and communicate on Discord.
If you want to help develop the mod (searching in game-files and testing changes in the game, translation of the Mod-Installer into your native language), you can.
You'll be listed in the credits.

🚄 🚃 🚃 🚃 🚃

The mod uses a convenient installer to select packages of the mod and install them into the game.
The installer is localized for several languages, there is a built-in Help and a brief Wiki of modding terms.

  1. Download the zip file from here, unpack it and run FC5ModInstaller.exe.
  2. The Mod-Installer will try to find the game directory (mostly if you have Uplay or Steam version), but if it will be unsuccessful, then manually find the installation directory of the game, go to the path:
  3. bin\ and select the file FarCry5.exe. So you specify the working folder to the installer.
  4. Select the required packages in the list (selected packages are marked with a yellow frame and ✓). If the selected package is highlighted in red, it means that there is a package conflict, these packages cannot be enabled in the same time. Click on "Toggle conflicts" button and disable the conflicting packages.
  5. click the INSTALL button to install the mods.
  6. Play the game.

Note: Items 1, 2 and 3 must be completed only at the first start of the installer.

Backup also your saves!

To install third-party or your own author packages, just drag and drop the package file with the extension .a3 onto the installer window. Confirm the installation, do not forget to select it in the list and install.

In the section named "Base packages" there are packages which don't change any visible things in the game, these packages are required by another packages. They should be enabled by default.

If a new version of the mod is released, You will receive an update message in the mod installer.

From today, Monday 12/15/20- the updates for the mod installer will be provided automatically in the mod-installer,
and there is no need to download the mod installer again from the site in order to update it.
now the updates are UOTA - Update-Over-The-Air - internal update system.
when an update will be out - you'll get an update message in the mod-installer.

Note: Updating is completely up to you - if you don't want new version, you don't need to update the mod.

If you want to uninstall all mods from the game, for example when you want to play Arcade,
you must again use the Mod-Installer to do such thing.

You have two choices:

  • Click on "UNINSTALL MODS" button in Mod-Installer's main window
  • Verify files in Uplay or Steam (can be longer, because it will download all files which were changed by mods)

If option A will not work, you must use option B.

Since Mod Installer version 3.25.2 there are several ModifiedFiles directories.
The reason of separating was when the mod is updated, you always must find and copy over your downloaded a3 files or your own edited a3 files in
ModifiedFiles directory.
In the new version,
ModifiedFiles is originally empty and you can place a3 files here and then copy whole ModifiedFiles directory to a new version.

If you want to edit any package from Resistance mod, just copy it from
ModifiedFiles_Resistance directory and place it to ModifiedFiles, Mod-Installer automatically loads the one from ModifiedFiles and you will also have backup of original package.

Do not edit or place new files in
ModifiedFiles_BasePackages or ModifiedFiles_Resistance! Otherwise they will be ignored.

Also, if you want to have your own
ModifiedFiles directory with your mod, please contact me and I send you info how to do it.

ModifiedFiles - originally empty, here comes all a3 files you downloaded outside Resistance-mod, or your own packages

ModifiedFiles_BasePackages - contains base packages which are needed by other packages

ModifiedFiles_Resistance - contains files from Resistance-mod, also place here all a3 files which you download from Resistance-mod page

☡ ⚠ ☡

  • If you want use the mod, you need the game version 1.011 or the latest game patch 1.014
  • If you have your game installed in "Program Files" directory, run the Mod-Installer as Administrator.
  • If you have Windows 7 and the Mod Installer doesn't want to start, please download KB2533623 for Windows 7.
  • If the Mod Installer keeps crashing, shutdown all apps like RivaTuner.
  • If you still have problems with running the Mod-Installer, try the delete the following folder "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\.net\FC5ModInstaller
  • "this is possible bug in .NET Core which can be fixed only by Microsoft.
  • If you installed the mod and it got reset on second run, please check if Uplay or Steam didn't verified game files. If so, disable auto updates (Steam).

🍵 🍪 🍵 🍪 🍵

I started this mod, because there weren't many mods which changed important things in the game. Also, at first release of this mod, the last big mod was 3 months old and it didn't contain latest game patch, so I decided to start new mod with more changes and updated game files.

This mod doesn't contain files like download-copy-play. You will get some source files and program that allow you to edit and pack game sources.

It is due to Ubisoft's decision about game files sizes. So file that must be edited has 9 GB - who want to download 9 GB every time for every mod?
So me and my co-author RtroActiv (he left the mod's author team in Aug 2019) created mod and program that is much smaller than patch.dat.
Also, by this way you can select what you want in the game.


List of known issues. Maybe these bugs will be fixed in future.

  • Drubman Marina and US Auto don't have cult music after liberating - still don't known why
  • Some content is still locked - I have done some live events, so for me they are unlocked; if you have some locked, write to comments
  • Some objects at outposts can be overlapped with cult decorations - this cannot be fixed - file has unknown binary structure
  • Some enemies won't attack - caused by Random NPC Weapons, NPC sometimes doesn't attack you, it's because there maybe missing NPC config entry for that weapon, if I find a bad weapon, I'll fix it
  • Unreleased weapons has wrong icon and name - you must know that these weapons were created without icons and don't have created language entries, because they should never have appeared in the game
  • Unreleased weapons store stats - these stats has nothing to do with real weapon properties, they are just for info
  • Weather System - morning fog can cause in some places very high dense fog, rainy weather can cause overexposed (white) view of items in store, it's caused by bad lighting

😸 😸 😸 😸 😸


  • ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
  • AOY (big help with mod stuff, some packages, his work is credited in each package, Hebrew language of Mod Installer, Resistance mod - page design)
  • RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
  • The Silver (many packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • MadMaxLis (icons for store items, some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • mlleemiles (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • legendhavoc175 (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • wongyuhua (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • ceano (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • VGoth (some packages, his work is credited in each package, Russian language of Mod Installer, description of the mod on its website)
  • Schrotflinte12 (some packages, his work is credited in each package, German language of Mod Installer and new strings in the game)
  • xBaebsae (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • AJ (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • Z_ (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • Ganic (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • Nick0Taylor (special ammo damage in the Weapon Editor)
  • cowlick035 (found where are defined weapon sight params)
  • FouN (icons for weapons)
  • deadSEKTR (program's UI design)
  • Steve64b (Dutch language of Mod Installer)
  • OWGKID (Norwegian language of Mod Installer)


  • mistemitsmit
  • vbiguine
  • Adlene

Special thanks:

And others who I forgot to add!

✠ ✠ ✠

If you reading this, then you probably using a PC. You made a smart decision, because PC is the best way how to enjoy this awesome game.