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  1. CovertKish
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    Far Cry 3 problem fixed!

    [size=3.9]Version v3.4 released:[/size]

    OVERHAUL update.
    MAJOR bug fix update.
    Simplified EVERYTHING.

    BUG FIX: Fixed all of the tagging glitches when tags were occurring when they were not meant to and tags were not occurring where they were meant to.

    BUG FIX: Fixed the minimap glitch where it was blacked out. All roads, buildings and terrain are now showing up correctly.

    NEW FEATURE: Overhaul of Casual Version. Casual Version implements just sound changes. Enemy tagging, wallhack, reload notification icon and item blinking are all active.

    NEW FEATURE: Overhaul of Immersed Version. Immersed Version implements all sound changes plus enemy tagging, wallhack, reload notification icon and item blinking are all disabled.

    NEW FEATURE: Re-enabled 'fog of war' for both versions as this caused problems with the minimap.

    NEW FEATURE: If either version is used in conjunction with any one of Ziggys mod versions, you will now be able to have the best of both worlds of the minimap and compass. You will now see the minimap in explored parts of the island where you have unlocked the radio towers, however the minimap will not appear in unexplored parts of the island where you have not unlocked the radio towers and instead, the compass used in Ziggys compilation will show up.

    NOTE: The mod is still fully compatible with Ziggy's Mod. I have tested using the hardcore, regular and casual version of that mod and no known conflicts have occurred. Either version will also work well with FC3 Rebalanced.

    To use both, just install my .dll files into the bin folder, and that mod's patch files into the data_win32 folder (both in the FC3 directory).

    This should be the end of all the bugs now.

    Thanks and have fun!
    1. jvarnes
      • supporter
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      Hey CovertKish

      Just verified with hex editor that casual version DX9 DLL file has removed both the sounds AND wallhack. This should be just the sounds correct?

  2. jeromeN7
    • member
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    Does the Immersed version of the mod make enhanced perception syringes useless. Do they still work?
  3. LightLinia
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    If someone can't start the story mode after installing this mod you need to edit the .DLL files with HEX EDITOR (I PREFER TO USE UltraEdit)

    [FOR DX9]
    You need to edit the FC3.dll you will need to GOTO (Dec NOT Hex) (Not search Not find but GOTO - and by all means copy and paste - no quotes)
    "01 00 00 00 8B 0D 4C 8A E5 11 E8 F5 24 F5 FF"
    "05 00 00 00 8B 0D 4C 8A E5 11 90 90 90 90 90"

    [FOR DX11]
    Directx 11 version you need to edit the FC3_d3d11.dll

    "40 01 00 00 00 8B 0D 5C 70 E6 11 E8 A6 24 F5 FF"
    "40 05 00 00 00 8B 0D 5C 70 E6 11 90 90 90 90 90"

    This worked for me.
  4. P3ndula
    • member
    • 45 posts
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    No really a sound mod. It would appear that the only sound change in this mod is this "sound mod" is the removal of menu audio.
  5. FireFalcon908
    • member
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    It is amazing how much of a difference simply removing the menu music makes. The game is vastly more enjoyable.
    It feels odd not to have any sound whatsoever while in a menu, but no sound is better than that obnoxious hum.
    • member
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    I'm sorry but how should I install your Dll files if I'm using Ziggy's Mod Dll files already? If I override Ziggyz's Dll his mod just don't work. Maybe I don't get the idea or something. Didn't find any info or Readme in your mod either any explanation on how to make both of them work correctly.
    1. FireFalcon908
      • member
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      The thing about Far Cry 3 is that it does not like replacing files for a save that already exists.
      When you install this mod's DLL files, you MUST start a new game. This applies for any mod.
  7. FalloutNewb
    • supporter
    • 65 posts
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    all this mod did was kill all the sound in my game.
    1. FireFalcon908
      • member
      • 103 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Odd, that should not happen. Did you try to install another mod alongside this that was not Ziggy's? Far Cry 3 does not like multiple mods.
  8. omfgroftlol
    • member
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    Still does not work, click story and nothing happens.
  9. apyrexia
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    I can't get past selecting 'story' in the main menu with these DLLs. The game just doesn't load
    1. AkoBenuy
      • member
      • 33 posts
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      same here..
    2. Miroslavcz
      • member
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    3. POLCB1
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      Same here
    4. Neodx784
      • member
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      erro modo story não abre!
    5. Steven1971
      • member
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      same here (v1.05) ...
    6. omegaalpha04
      • member
      • 83 posts
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      Same Here v1.05 . . this mod is useless, such a shame.
    7. ThiefBrute
      • member
      • 59 posts
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      No, its not useless, get a legal copy of the game and it works great!
  10. tardmehigh
    • premium
    • 285 posts
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    Thank you =)
  11. Aemaranth
    • supporter
    • 17 posts
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    Shame this mod is abandoned, it and Ziggy seem like they were the dynamic duo of this game