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This is a game save with the main quest completed and all of the weapons bought with every attachment. Basicallly this game save is ready to be your sandbox where you can customize your character as you like (you have no skills unlocked and all skillpoints, also no equipment crafted), do whatever Far Cry lets you to do. Go ahead, have fun.

Permissions and credits
This is a game save with the main quest completed and all of the weapons bought with every attachment. You spawn in Amanaki Outpost with little money, 0 ammo, none of the skills unlocked, no gear crafted and the world is as untouched as it can be. In the weapons locker you have access to every gun and attachment in the game. Grab what you want and go have fun outside.

Changes to the world
  • The main quest is completed;
  • Every radio tower is unlocked (chest on the towers were looted, so you don't have to climb them again);
  • Every outpost is liberated (you can have them conquered again in the gameplay options);
  • All the weapons were unlocked and bought and the attachments with paintjobs were bought as well (although I used Far Cry 3 Rebalanced and Far Cry 3 Reborn mods, so you may not have all the attachments from your mod, sorry);
  • 20 relics, 6 letters of the dead and 10 SD cards were collected to unlock all the signature weapons (mostly items from early game area (near Dr. Earnhardt's mansion), sorry if you wanted to collect them yourself);
  • You start with 51 skill points (the game didn't let have the last one for some reason) and only 2 skills unlocked: Takedown and Granade cook (you need to unlock 2 skills to proceed in the beginning of the game);
  • All the skills that have requirements to unlock them are ready to be ulocked (except Dual death from above and below and Dealmaker);
  • You start with no money, no ammunition, no syringes, no armor only with Makarov equiped in the only weapon slot;
  • You're yet to craft all the items from animal skins;
  • All the side quest (sidestories, wanted dead, hunting, supply delivery) are yet to be completed (except 3 supply drop quests needed to unlock a skill requirement);
  • All the trials of the Rakyat were activated but failed so you can unlock all the prizes yourself.

This save file can be used for many purpouses but, personally, I like to play gun game with outposts. More on that here 

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\835128e1-c00a-417c-b9fc-410d7eef7d72\46 ;
  2. Preferably backup your existing save files just in case;
  3. Replace the existing save file with the one you download here. The save file is named 1 which means it replaces "Save 1" slot in the "Load game" menu. If you want replace a different slot, you have to rename it to: 1 to replace "Save 1"; 2 - "Save 2"; 3 - "Save 3"; 5 - "Autosave 1"; 6 - "Autosave 2"; 7 - "Autosave 3". Beware as autosaves and saves link up together;
  4. Go offline in your Ubisoft connect, so it doesn't replace your downloaded files with the ones it has in the cloud when you run the game;
  5. Boot up the game, load the save you replaced;
  6. Enjoy ;3.