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New Game+ compilation where you replay with unlocks. Added changes that allows you to keep the uniform as well as the effect. Upon completing the main mission story line you will be wearing the privateer uniform (bandages included). 3 different files of your choice will be included.

Permissions and credits
[size=-1]Game Update 1.05[/size]

With the latest game update, being able to reset the Outposts has been awesome, but wanting to keep my uniform and secret identity among the privateers was the real goal of this mod. The privateer outfit is not just an appearance change, but include the "effect" as well.

Naturally turned into a compilation of its own, changes were made to reduce resource grinding and sorting. Using Swartz Mod as the base, which is a fantastic compilation but sadly no longer supported, a lot of the existing problems in that mod have been fixed. This will provide a different feel for the game without worrying about needs and focusing on wants. You already finished the game, you won't have to run through a check-list again.

As "New Game+" players will start in Amanaki village with Dennis.
Kept changes small as possible since this is NOT an immersion mod. Think of it as vanilla with a cherry top :D

For modding convenience: Included known "neat" command lines in the lockedcontentcheck.lua file (patch.dat)
• Listed all Ability and Gear and Recipe Unlocks
• Listed UberCheats: God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Infinite Money
• Transition speed setting from day to night (Default Timescale is 1.00)
• Show or Hide HUD based on activity. This is how I hide the HUD for mounted machine guns.

Privateer Forever : All patches include the fixed Privateer Mode after story completion. The Privateer outfit effect is gained after completing the Doppleganger mission. You will keep the "effect" even after beating the story. Instead of reverting back to the default Jason Brody outfit, player will be wearing the outfit worn when saving Riley with the privateer "effect" still intact. The Red zones of privateer outposts will be visible as well. As usual, privateers will turn hostile if fired upon.

Just for Fun Features : Listed Below

» New Game Menu
» Story starts at Amanaki Village with Dennis
» Dennis offers money for pistol ($60) as well as body armor ($200)
» The second island is accessible without story progression
» Upon story completion Privateer uniform effect and Privateer zones restored

» Unlocked Frontal Stab Takedown
» Unlocked Knife Throw Takedown (Removes melee requirements to allow frontal stab takedowns)
» Unlocked Marathon Runner ability and sprint speed increased
» Unlocked Wingsuit ability and deploys much quicker
» Unlocked Crouch Run ability
» Unlocked Body Armor ability
» Fall damage slightly reduced to survive tripping over a small rock
» Unlocked abilities listed above will be automatically-fulfilled upon completing tutorial with Dennis
» Experience bar has been adjusted to match Tatau tattoo at story end for completionists

» Legit Guns by Dallin (Modified)
» All weapons have a maximum of 3 attachments (Silencer, Scope, Magazine) with few exceptions
» Shotguns have silencers and silenced sounds fixed
» FAMAS full-auto
» Pistols fire as fast as you click (except D50)
» Flamethrowers have more ammunition (This makes that one mission particularly more enjoyable)
» Grenade area-of-damage radius slightly increased
» Damage to enemy legs reduced to half

» Animal hides are worth more and rare hides can be sold (Ranging from ~$5 to ~$1000)
» Animal hides will not sell if you click "quick sell"
» All maps have been Unlocked for purchase
» All weapons are Unlocked for purchase including all signature weapons (i.e. Ripper, Cannon, ...)
» Tanto knife can now be purchased
» All Weapons can be expensively purchased at stores OR obtained for free by Radio Tower OR by Completing Challenges
» Shop Menu descriptions and values adjusted to address changes listed above

» Increased loot and wallet capacity. Small(32) Medium(64) Large(96) ExLarge(128) WalletMax(30000)
» Increased Syringe capacity to give players more options and control during combat
» Recipes have been streamlined based on 1:1 ratio (No grinding No leaf hoarding)
» Included speciality recipe Nature Boy (AKA Weed)
» Invulnerability and +%Damage Speciality Recipes will Unlock much later in story
» Speciality Recipes as well as Explosive Arrows now use volatile oils of white leaves

» Added LadyBrecky's FieldOfView values for Sniper Scopes and Assault Rifles
» Camera no longer have squares obscuring view
» Shop Menu Visuals show attachments when equipped
» HUD becomes hidden when operating ANY mounted gun (Cinematic view when mowing down enemies)

[Noticable fixes and differences from the Swartz compilation]

» Swartz compilation as Base Mod
» Fixed Silencers on Shotguns having sound issues firing the weapon while aiming with iron sights.
» Fixed Attachment visuals not showing up properly. This is a common problem in the Swartz Mod. Fixed with Inakrin's values. Adding silencer won't hide the weapons and all the attachments stay 'attached'.
» Removed Silver Dragon, was causing equip problems. Tanto added to shop.
» D50 pistol no longer shows an extra unequippable silencer.
» Adjusted XP bar depending on the unlocks. This is so you don't end up with extra skill points or lack of skill points.
» Enemy Snipers with rifles have lasers off when patrolling and on when scoped in.
» All weapons can be unlocked for free using the Radio Tower or expensively paid for at the store.
» Unlock Tower EXP reverted back to 500 exp instead of 1000 exp. This created problems regarding exp progression in Swartz Mod.

[All files are available as patch files for ease of installation]

Default Patch Edition
This is just the default patch. You can load up a previously saved game with no problems. This is just a fix to enable Privateer mod after story completion and skips game introduction. This doesn't include the features mentioned above. Added 2 more files... You can start with the privateer model or default model. Optional unlocks for all gears if you choose.

NewGame+ Unlocked Edition
You start the game with all the gears acquired from hunting. You already beat the game once, you don't have to hunt again. The Rare hunting missions are still there, but are optional and offer a lucrative payout since they can be done only once. Frontal stabs and 4 pre-unlocked ability skills available after first mission from Dennis. XP bar has been adjusted to reflect the changes so you won't end up with extra skill points or lack of to complete tattoo. Currently on my 5th play through with this file. This is the SUPER FUN PACK.

NewGame+ Standard Edition
Gears have to be earned by hunting. But the same file as the fully unlocked version. Frontal stabs and 4 pre-unlocked ability skills available after first mission from Dennis. Players will notice the early gear equipment are just as large and won't force you to organize your equipment periodically like a crazy person with stone age organization system. Rare hides can be sold so be careful when selling your loot.

[size=-1]Game Update 1.05[/size]

• Download one of the files of your choice and unzip
• There will be two files Patch.dat and Patch.fat
• Add both files into your /data_win32 directory

Simple drop and play!
You can even load up a previous save
No .DLL files, so no conflicts with updates in the foreseeable future
To uninstall: Delete Patch.dat and Patch.fat
To every modding enthusiast for their tips and creativity. Many of the compilation you see on this site is due to community thread and the contributors here.

Chorizosss for "The Super File"
R.Sporkington for Mini-map/World-map edit methods
Captain_Tr1ps for Extracting music methods
PR3V41L for Privateer Hash
khenaz for Better Sights Mod
karmakgb for Prices aAjustment Mod
DrKramshaw for HUD annoyances Mod
Dallin for Legit Guns Mod
Tom.Solo for HUD examples
LadyBrecky for Sniper and Assault FOV values
Main Menu from common.dat

Special thanks:
jketiynu for Swartz Compilation this is based on
Inarkin for Poor Bastard
Gibbed/Rick/Leechmonger for Gib Modding Tools