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Refines the vanilla gameplay experience by introducing new features and a host of tweaks & fixes

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You must start a new game after installing this mod. It will not function correctly on existing saves.


Randomized Patrols: Custom dynamic patrol system which randomizes enemy vehicles, occupants and their factions
Functional Outposts: After clearing an outpost, the enemies within it will not respawn until 45 minutes (real time) has passed
Skip Intro: Skips the long intro sequence and starts you in the hotel in town
Concurrent Missions: Allows you to complete all mission types simultaneously
Faction Conflicts: Encounter random enemy firefights between the APR & UFLL within the game world
Skippable Dialog: Allows you to skip scripted NPC animations & dialog by interacting with them
DX10 Compatibility: Play with the DX10 API for higher framerates


• Disabled sprinting blur effect
• Disabled intrusive dialog box popups
• Disabled mouse deceleration
• Disabled rim lighting
• Disabled the requirement to grab a weapon from the armory in the tutorial
• Increased default FOV to 95
• Increased vehicle FOV to 100
• Increased swimming speed
• Increased speed for land vehicles
• Increased the amount of damage that vehicles can withstand
• Increased the probability of enemies throwing grenades
• Increased world streaming radius
• Increased shadow ranges (Ultra High only)
• Increased player stamina
• Decreased the ADS sensitivity on the monocular
• Reduced the probability of enemies entering vehicles to chase the player
• Reduced input delay
• You can now use weapons while inside armories
• DLC vehicle colors are now randomized
• Restored original colorgrading without color filters
• Fast travel now costs 2 diamonds per trip
• Enemies can now occupy every seat within a vehicle
• Enabled unused patrol vehicle routes in the surrounding areas of Pala
• Buddy sidequests will now be completed upon completing the main objective(s) (no need to debrief with your buddy)
• You'll no longer be prompted to save your game after sleeping in a safe house
• Buddy rescues are much more fluid, faster and no longer replace your secondary weapon
• Predecessor tape missions are now unlocked by default (thanks FoxAhead)
• You can now change your machete type in the game options at the main menu by default
• DLC weapons are now purchasable from the armory for 25 diamonds each
• You can now perform stealth kills with the machete
• Added machete "creeping" (hold right mouse button) to avoid enemies hearing your footsteps when close behind them (thanks Boggalog)
• Slightly increased the range of all machetes and made their stats consistent
• Tweaked enemy AI sensory system to make stealth slightly more viable
• Nights are darker and more atmospheric
• Allowed for greater freedom of movement within weapon safe areas
• Slightly improved AI visibility of the player at night
• Added the ability to check your watch (press 6 to toggle)
• Added the ability to inspect your weapon (press I)
• Added foggy weather during the early morning hours
• Patrol vehicle occupants now carry a more diverse set of weaponry
• Added weapon respawn cooldown period (after grabbing a weapon from any armory, it will not respawn for 1 hour - choose your loadout carefully)
• Added a range upgrade for the diamond tracker which can be purchased for 20 diamonds at the weapons vendor near Mike's Bar in Leboa-Sako (image)
• Armory weapons are no longer unlocked automatically after escaping the prison in Bowa-Seko
• Included LAA patched game executable for stability
• Tweaked enemy idle behavior probabilities for more variety
• The player's reputation level will no longer be lowered/reset after completing certain story missions
• Re-balanced all weapon and equipment costs
• All buddy side missions now reward you with 15 diamonds on completion
• All assassination missions now reward you with 15 diamonds on completion


• Fixed the MAC-10 silent radius bug
• Fixed an enemy sniper that would spawn inside a rock
• Fixed missing truck engine sounds
• Fixed a scripting error that caused a buddy mission to never deactivate after completion
• Fixed a scripting error that caused enemies at the airport to never respawn after completing a story mission
• Fixed the bouncing NPC bug when playing with framerates above 60 (no need to cap FPS)
• Fixed the silent phone call bug (phone calls will continue playing in the background if the phone is hung up)
• Fixed the repeating Jackal Tapes bug (thanks FoxAhead)
• Fixed an issue where if a convoy truck wasn't destroyed by the player the mission wouldn't complete correctly, preventing future convoy missions from starting
• Capped framerate to 150 to prevent player physics issues (mainly jump height)

Special Thanks