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  1. yohni7631
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    .I want to ask for help.
    I unzip the patch file and turn it into a 26 mb folder from the 10 mb file.Then Drag the "EXAMPLE_unpack" folder onto "Gibbed.Dunia.Pack.exe" and this will create two new files: "EXAMPLE_unpack.dat" and "EXAMPLE_unpack.fat".However, I get a 26 mb EXAMPLE_unpack.dat file.
    What am I doing wrong? Why will the dat file be twice as large? Thank you in advance for your help.
    I apologize for the bad English.Google translates help.
    1. Boggalog
      • supporter
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      This is normal.

      The patch files from the default game use compression so when you unpack them and pack them again your new patch file will be a similar size to when they are unpacked. If you unpack and pack them again they will stay the same size, they won't keep getting bigger and bigger.

      I hope that helps and is understandable. If you need any more help please ask!
    2. yohni7631
      • member
      • 10 posts
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      Thanks for the help.It worked.