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Makes Caps Stashes glow bright green so you never miss them ever again!

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Makes all Bottle Caps Tins glow bright green so you can see them from any distance, or just spot them if you're moving through a new area. They will always be visible from now on.

5 colors to choose from: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple.


1. Open downloaded file. Unzip/Extract it somewhere. Pick your color by choosing a folder. (Red/Green/Blue/Purple/Orange)
2. Extract mod to your Fallout 76 data directory.
3. Add CapsTin.ba2 to your archive load order list in Fallout76Custom.ini
4. Profit.

If you have not installed a .ba2 mod before for Fallout 76, here's how. 

1. Create a Fallout76Custom.ini in your [My Documents/My Games/Fallout 76]
2. Find the [Archive] line, if not there, create it. Then under it, add sResourceArchive2List = CapsTin.ba2
3. Add all your mods to above and separate by comma. For example, test1.ba2, test2.ba2, test3.ba2

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