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Adds to your inventory, from junk, to chems, to food. Over 20 unique tags. It also sorts these so that they are all in order and you can easily find what you need. It also contains component tags so you know what junk you'll get when you break down an item.

Permissions and credits

Adds Tags to the beginning of items in your pipboy inventory, making it easier to sort items and find what you need. Also adds junk tags to end of misc junk items so you can see what resources you will get when you scrap it.  Thanks to everyone who has helped to report some of the wrongly tagged items.

Note: This mod is now being maintained and managed by L0n36unm4n

For the Icon, please checkout 

  • Icon Sorting Tags for RatMonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging

V.1.20 Update
Updated for game version

V.1.19 Update
Updated for game version

V.1.18 Update
Added revised tags for scrap. 
[Scrap-V] can be sold directly to vendors
[Scrap-B] must be bulked before selling
Helpful if you like to keep a  certain count stack of non-bulkable in your stash.

Stations now show what factions vendors are there. If I'm not mistaken, caps are shared among factions so you know what ones are what.

Food Category Explanation:

[Food] = Complete safe. No disease, no spoiling.
[Food-S] = Food that spoils over time, but has no disease.
[Food-D] = Food that spoils over time, and carries disease.
[Herb] = Used to make teas.
[Meat] = Raw meat that spoils over time and carries disease
[Drink] = Teas, juices, drinks, water, etc.
[Spoiled] = [Food-S] and [Meat] become spoiled after a certain time.

1. Unzip to your Data folder. That's it.
2. You should have the file format Data > Strings > SeventySix_en.xxx (where xxx is the file formats)
3. Run the game.

Install Guide at 6:00


This mod should be compatible with most other mods that do not edit Fallout 76's strings. It is compatible with Better Inventory. Install Better Inventory first, then install this mod after.

Note: I am not responsible if you get banned or anything for using this mod. It's all client-side so I would think you are safe, but you never know.