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Fast access to stash, workbench, etc.
Increase the item category labels, 9 to 13 labels.
No more scrolling to access JUNKs!

Permissions and credits
This Fast UI is a mod that improves the usability of access to Stash and Trading.
If you use a mouse, you will see a dramatic improvement.
As with Fast UI, I recommend using Fast Pip, for better PipBoy access.

Installing 'Fast UI'
  1. Put the downloaded FastUI.ba2 into the Fallout76's Data folder.
  2. Add FastUI.ba2 to the sResourceArchive2List in Fallout76Custom.ini.
e.g. only use FastUI.ba2

e.g. to add FastUI.ba2
sResourceArchive2List=AAA.ba2, BBB.ba2, CCC.ba2, DDD.ba2, EEE.ba2, FastUI.ba2

What is 'Fast UI Injector'?

Fast UI modifies interface/securetrade.swf.
 therefore, it will conflict with other mods that modify securetrade.swf.
but, you may be able to avoid conflicts by using the Fast UI Injector.

Fast UI Injector injects Fast UI's functionality into securetrade.swf that has been modified by other mods.

For more information on how to use the Fast UI Injector,
 please read the sticky post 'Installing Fast UI and Using the Fast UI Injector' in POSTS.