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Adds sliders for All UI sounds - Pipboy, Games, Perk Menu, Power Armor, Workshop, Locks and Terminals, VATS, Workshop, In-Game Radio, Holotape Playback, Beacons, Heartbeat, Geiger Counter, and more.

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This mod adds sliders in the audio settings to control the volume of the various UI sounds.  Generally I find most of them to be annoying, but I don't want to eliminate them all, so here we are. It doesn't add anything new, and is compatible with all sound replacers.  Made with FO4edit.  Uninstalls safely and cleanly.

Here's what the sliders cover:


Experience, Leveling, Location Discovery, Favorites, Bartering, Chems, Start, Pause, Legendaries, etc.  Doesn't affect Geiger counter.

Perk Menu:

Just the Perk Menu

Perks In-Game:

Pain Train, Grim Reaper's Sprint, all other in-game noise from perks


Light on and off, holotape insert and eject, map, quest activation.  Doesn't affect beacons.

Pipboy Games:


Power Armor:

Battery sounds, part status.  Doesn't effect footsteps, enter or exit, etc.

Locks and Terminals:



Targeting, selection, criticals, enter and exit


Pick up and place, modding, enter and exit, repair, cooking, chemistry

In-Game Radio, Heartbeat, Beacons, Geiger Counter, Holotape Playback:

All in-game UI-ish sounds are now independently adjustable


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