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This is a localisation mod that changes the in-game text spellings from American English to English (or British English if you prefer). It also fixes most of the typographical and grammatical errors in the vanilla text. It covers the base Fallout 4 game, official patch updates, and official DLC.

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This is a localisation mod that changes the in-game text spellings from American English to English (or British English if you prefer). It also fixes most of the typographical and grammatical errors in the vanilla text. It covers the base Fallout 4 game, official patch updates, Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbour, and Contraptions Workshop DLC.

It's not that the version of English that is found in America is wrong, it's just not the same as the English taught in England, Australia, and so on. For those of us who were taught this version of English it helps us with immersion in the game as we don't continually see what are spelling mistakes to us. Imagine if you were forced to use this mod and grew up with Americanised English? Yes, it would be annoying for you too. So try to see things from our perspective. If you don't like it - just move along. There's nothing to see here.

Please do not upload this mod anywhere without my permission.

My base mod will also work well alongside the excellent Extended Dialogue Interface mod by reg2k and Neanka.

New Fallout 4 patch - v1.10.50 (Creation Club):

I have updated my mod for the latest update from Bethesda.

Unfortunately, the Creation Club (CC) as it currently stands places text inside the base game string files that are only related to paid items in the CC. That means that whenever new items are added to the CC the base game string files will probably need to be updated as well.

Fingers crossed that Bethesda find a better way for the Creation Club to function so that it doesn't need to patch the base game every time it updates the CC (i.e. using its own separate string files, like the official DLC does).

Optional File Information

I have added an optional file for download that is a conversion of the Full Dialogue Interface (FDI) mod by Cirosan and shadwar. That file just contains the string files that you need to convert the FDI mod to UK English. This has been done with the full consent of Cirosan as it is his US English string files that I have used to convert to UK English.

I have also added an optional compatibility version of English Strings for Fallout 4 for use alongside the DEF_UI mod by Neanka and Valdacil. It includes the extra strings added by DEF_UI merged with my Translate_en.txt file.

Usage of the Optional Files:
1. Install the FDI and/or DEF_UI mods first.
2. Then install my optional file. Let it overwrite any existing files.


In theory this mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't modify any of the following files:


That being said, since this mod changes the base Strings files, where the game grabs all its in-game text from, any mod plugin (.esm,.esp) that edits the vanilla text will override what is in the Strings file and replace it with the new text located within the plugin file. So, for example, items/quests/perks etc. created or edited by mods will have the exact same text the mod author gave it since that text comes from their mod's plugin file.

The official patches also change some of the base game String files, which will override some of the changes I've made in this mod or try to add text that is not in my versions of the string files. This will cause any new text to appear with a dollar sign ($) in front of it in the game or show the text "LOOKUP FAILED!".

After updating your game to the latest version you will need to re-install this mod once it too has been updated for that version (or higher) of the game.

What text do the different files contain?

.DLSTRINGS- This file contains all book/note body text, quest description text, some UI text.
.ILSTRINGS- This file contains all NPC and player dialogue subtitles.
.STRINGS- This file contains all item names, actor names, race names, location names, quest objectives, loading screen text, player dialogue choices, terminal text, some UI text.

Translate_en.txt- This file contains most of the UI text.

To Install

1. Backup your existing Strings folder (Data\Strings) and Interface folder (Data\Interface). Yes, I mean it - back those original files up!

2. Extract the downloaded file into your Fallout 4 folder (click 'yes to overwrite' if necessary).

3. Add the following line to the Fallout4Prefs.ini file:


4. Add the following lines to the Fallout4Custom.ini file:


To Remove

1. Copy your previously backed up Strings folder into your "Data\Strings" folder, overwriting all existing files. If you didn't have any String files to begin with, just delete the Strings folder.

2. Copy your previously backed up Interface folder into you "Data\Interface" folder,  overwriting all existing files. Or if you have no backup, simply delete the "Data\Interface\Translate_en.txt" file.

Another way to remove the mod is to verify the integrity of your game cache on Steam and it will replace all altered files with the original ones. You may still need to manually remove the Translate_en.txt file, though.