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Laser do not have RECOIL! Bethesda totally screwed this up, and so, I decided to take it upon myself to unlock the secrets of Bethesda Aim Model files. Now we have a fix for the pesky laser recoil, because it was dumb.

Permissions and credits
Lasers Have No Recoil removes laser recoil for the Laser Gun, Institute Laser, Laser Musket, and Laser Gatling. Other aspects like cone spread and scope sway remain unchanged. Plasma weapons have a different kind of recoil, which is less noticeable.

Laser and Plasma weapons have a 'Heat Sink' mechanic. Since these weapons are producing huge amounts of heat, some of that heat transfers back into the holder. In small amounts, it won't hurt you, but after continuous fire you will start to take heat damage. Instead of recoil reduction, the Gyro Stabilizer (Renamed Tokamak Containment Lens), and the stocks (renamed for their level of Cooling) reduce heat transfer.

Other energy weapons are effected as well, like the Gamma Gun. These weapons will not have any recoil, nor physical push effect on objects. These non-traditional energy weapons do not have the Heat Sink mechanic because they use different types of energy.

That being said, enjoy, install the normal way, yadda yadda.

  • Should the Gamma Gun have some kind of backlash effect?
  • Should the Alien Blaster have any heat damage?
  • Should I do something different for the Laser Musket?

So Far Have Been Answered:
  • Should I remove recoil for the Laser Musket as well? It has moving parts, and might work off different principles. Yes, the reload is the only time parts seem to move, therefore they work under the same principle.
  • Should I remove the recoil for the Gamma Gun? I am not entirely sure what Gamma energy is, but it seems to be able to act on objects, unlike lasers. Yes, and for whatever reason they gave the gamma gun's wave a force on impact, I removed that too. (Except the one that specifically does push things.)
  • Should the Alien Blaster be treated as a laser or a plasma weapon? Laser weapon. I removed its recoil after investigating, and its projectile conferred no force to the object it hits. Therefore, it is not a plasma weapon.
  • Should Plasma Guns have recoil, or reduced recoil? They do have mass it would seem, and plasma is a physical thing. Maybe it is just set too high right now? What would you like to see roughly for the percentage right now? The type of recoil a plasma weapon would experience is magnetic in nature, so the recoil should not be removed, but it has been reduced, and its behavior changed somewhat. It now shakes around instead of going in a singular predictable direction.

The video that inspired me to make this mod:

The most in depth review so far, by SlippGuy:

Thanks to Tyrannicon for his review! Starting at 2:22 in the video.

Please check out my other energy weapons mod, if you are interested in lasers and things.

  • This mod changes entries for the Beam Splitters and Stocks/Handles of the various energy weapons. Place below mods which also edit these entries to ensure the changes from this mod take precedence.

Change Log:

Version 1.3.2:
  • Added Low Heat Transfer to the gatling laser barrels, since they don't have stocks. The heat transfer will build up quickly with their rate of fire though.
  • Fixed the naming rules, used the CK this time, so no errors.
  • Changed the script up slightly, but shouldn't be any visible changes.
  • Changed to the " - Main.BA2" format, to be universal with XB1 uploads.

Version 1.3.1:
  • Added Tokamak Containment Lenses, replacing the Gyro Compensating Lenses. They produce more heat, but have higher critical damage. The higher level Vented versions do not generate extra heat.
  • Updated all mod descriptions to the BWMD standards.
  • Added naming rules for the changed weapon mods. So now you can find properly named items like the Vented Insulated Laser Rifle and Recycled Cooled Laser Pistol, instead of the old names that referred to the Recoil mod names.

Version 1.3:
  • Integrated the Beam Splitters patch into the main .esp.
  • Added a Heat Sink mechanic which damages the player when firing energy weapons while unprotected.
  • The different stocks/handles have different heat values.
  • Energy Resistance lowers the damage, and a Hazmat Suit, Power Armor, or the Asbestos Lining mod make you immune to it.

Version 1.2:
  • Added the plasma gun to the list by reducing recoil by 75%, and changing the recoil's behavior.

Version 1.1:
  • Added the Laser Musket, Alien Blaster, and Gamma Gun as "no recoil" energy weapons, as per feedback from the people.
  • Removed the push component of the Laser Musket and Gamma Gun projectiles. (Normal Gamma and Zeta effected, Lorenzo projectile unchanged.)
  • Also removed the force component of the Gamma Gun's explosions. (Normal Gamma and Zeta effected, Lorenzo projectile unchanged.)

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Uploaded onto Bethesda.net by me, under the same user name.