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A new craftable casual outfit with six variations.

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A new craftable casual outfit with six variations.

The female outfit is compatible with both Vanilla and CBBE textures.

You can craft it using any Chemistry Station under Adventurer category.
It requires two adhesive, three leather, five cloth and one steel.
It's fully upgradeable with ballistic weave and linings.
It offers a base 25 damage and radiation resistance plus 2 endurance.

It's a standalone outfit and doesn't replace any of the game files/outfits.
You can use it on your character, any follower or settler.

Thanks Guys!

This outfit is based on the weird looking yellow thing worn by some npcs that's rumored to have alien origins. xD
Sometimes while I was playing I wanted to chill and explore a little. I always had hard time to find a something
casual to wear. That's why I started retexturing the longshoreman outfit a while back and I'm happy that's
finally complete and I can share it with all of you.

To enable modding you need to add the following lines to FO4 ini files:



To unlock ballistic weave without the prerequisites you can type
set RailroadClothingArmorModAvailable to 1
in console.

Pipboy: Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K by Gorgulla .

Feel free to use any textures you like here in Nexus as long as you credit my work.
You can freely upload translations of this mod that contain the esp only and link
to this page to foreign sites without asking for permission. You are not allowed
to upload any other parts of this mod to other sites apart from Nexus.

B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7
FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha by ElminsterAU
Material Editor by ousnius
Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop

Many thanks to

Bethesda that made all this possible.

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