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Quality re-texture of all the Synth armor

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This is a (I think) lore-friendly re-texture of the Synth armor.

The textures are a combination of handmade textures and various FO4 textures - usually sharpened with subtle shadows added.
The 1k normal maps were tweaked to reflect changes, along with a couple new pieces of "flair" added to the armor & helmet.

The changes should effect all "normal" white armor and helmets worn by Synths and sold by the Requisition Vendor. 
This mods also replaces the "Old" armor and helmets which should be all the looted Synth armor (please read notes below).

There's a 2k or 1k version available in both Black & White variants in the file section.

Use your favorite Mod Manager and make life a little easier, or...
Manually install by using 7zip or winrar, and then copy and pasting the "Textures" and "Materials" inside your data folder.

This is a work in progress!
I'm not completely happy with everything, but I probably won't ever be. 
Also, I'd like to work on a 4k version, but have to recreate some things unfortunately.


The included files include the "normal", "white", "dirty", and "Old" versions of both the armor of the helmet.
As far as I can tell, the normal or white versions are what is worn by Synths and sold by the vendor.
The old versions seem to be looted Synth Armor.

If you have any confirmation of this or other information, please let me know in the comment section, thanks!
As I get more information, I'll update the files as needed. 

This was made with B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor, and Material Editor by Ousnius

Mods seen in screenshots are Subtle ENB by Noidkid, and Kerrigan Bodysuit by Guffeh.

I thought I'd add that this doesn't touch any meshes. 
I have a little clipping seen in the screenshots due to my my nuberish attempts at Outfit Studio.