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Converts Outfits in Mercenary Outfit Pack to have togglable parts for further user expression and customization

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What started as a humble patch for Horizon v1.9 has now blossomed into a grand project of personal significance. This conversion adds constructible options in the Armor Workbench to toggle various parts of the outfits found in Mercenary Outfit Pack (STANDALONE), allowing for unparalleled expression and customization. No longer shall you suffer the indignity of clipping or mismatched attire! Flagged as ESL

These toggles work via Invisible material swaps. 

Includes a FOMOD with the following options:
>>CBBE Patch for the Mercenary Outfit Pack Unibody CBBE Bodyslide Conversion (recommended as I ONLY converted the outfits I edited)
>>Base Version, This keeps the stats from Thats Merc Life as a "vanilla" version
>>Clothing Stats Version, Nerfs all the outfit stats to have them only be considered as clothing, recommended for Survival mode
>>Horizon Version, I originally made this for Horizon v1.9, of course it will have a compatible version! (Load order should be self explanatory)

List of TLDR edits:
  • Removed the gloves, hoods, and backpacks attached to the outfits to prevent overlap issues.
  • Changed all outfits to only take up 33 BODY slot only.
  • Condensed and mark for obsolete outfits like Subcontractor red and yellow as I just made the colors swappable.
  • Fixed any mesh deformities and clipping to the best of my ability, if I missed some I'm sorry.
  • Made some additional color options for parts like shirts and such.
  • Edited level lists in Thats Merc Life to not use obsolete outfits.
  • (For Horizon version) Edited Leveled lists to be compatible. Added any armor keywords and upgrades that Horizon uses. Made stats match Horizons balances.

Mercenary Outfit Pack (STANDALONE) - DefaltTheFixer
Mercenary Outfit Pack Unibody CBBE Bodyslide Conversion - melius638
Thats Merc Life - Mercenary Outfit Pack Distribution and Balance - iMaGiNaRiuS
Horizon v1.9 - Zawinul