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Wide Distribution and balancing of the Mercenary Outfit Pack (STANDALONE) by defaltTheFixer
3 Group categories of outfits based on player level 1-35-55
Hand placed dead bodies to reward certain locations with interesting challenge
Balance adjustments to every outfit and match vanilla standards ( DR tier1= 20, tier2=44, tier3=86) an

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  • French

Have you ever felt that a location lacked a reward, leaving you with that literally empty feeling?
My main goal was to take full advantage of DefaltThefixer's textures and at the same time place a small reward in strategic locations.
Also, you really think there wont be mercs because of gunners ? ....

Life in the commonwealth wasteland is hard, and for mercs, if they are exposed they are hunted. Even so, you never know what drove these people to take on this role, but I assure you that they will always exist.

That's the mercs life.

What you get:

- Replacement outfit for parson state guards, covenant security and scavengers, I considered whether the change was appropriate, so you wont find a scaver with renegade outfit or something like that.

- Leveled List in levels 35 and 55, when you reach the level the outfits and STATS will change. ( DR tier1= 20, tier2=44, tier3=86)

- Covenant security will start with vanilla outfits and will change to this distribution until Level 35 (Tier 2) or 55(Tier 3) [due better DR vanilla>Tier1]

- 10 Dead bodies with semi - random loot, my goal was to give you a copy of the best outfits (tier 3) and at the same time offer something extra random like backpack or head set.

- The location of these dead bodies is in places where there is SURE to be a challenge to overcome, do it and get something extra.

- The backpacks are random on certain npc, I need your help to determine how frequent the drop is (and adjust it to be just right, not too hard or too easy).

-Progressive head protection, you wont find helmets in early game and during midgame you get hats or low category helmets and then in late game all mercs get helmets in par with better outfit protection, I play with LFO in LitR modlist and my approach is based on these great balance mindsets.

I ran out of time to develop this but I think there is still a lot to do, be sure to follow and endorse this mod as well as defaltTheFixer's mod.

V5.- Some issues addressed, making it complete.

V4.- You now can see the backpack penalty in your AP bar
Fixed a conflict causing low chance of a naked npc
Significant change in the backpack delivery record
Frequency of backpacks in Testing phase 

V3.- now the scavers have more outfits available ( I was running into 3 scavers with the same outfit!!!)

Optional File - Caravan guards outfit replacer

v2.- • Covenant adjustment: I noticed that the convent armor and helmet has higher DR than the outfit of this distribution, So I made and exception and covenant wont get Tier 1 Merc outfits, and will change outfits until Level 35.

• No more 4 eyes ( googles and hats with googles combination removed.)

v1.- Release

I made this with Creation kit and xEdit so it should be compatible with everything, or not compatible with anything that touches ParsonStateGuards, Coventant, Scavengers or even certain locations, if you find any trouble hit me on discord, link at the bottom.

Mercenary outfit pack (standalone) by DefaltTheFixer

Load Order:

He uses most of the DLC, just get all of them install it and then install this mod and thats it!

If you are mid game, you will take some time to see the changes in NPCs, still you can find the dead bodies ( or alive) in certain locations.
Read about common issues in mercenary outfit pack, however I have never had any problems.

Make sure to load BEFORE any Previs, light enhancement or interior/exterior modifiers like ELFX, UIL or previs patches/generators. 

- Make sure to un-equip any outfit, hat, googles or backpack from this mod.

Defalt's Textures - Requirement:
Link to Mercenary outfit pack Xbox mods

Link to Thats Merc Life port to Xbox

CodeNamed1 - For helping me with location ideas, that's where it all started
DefaltTheFixer - For allowing me to use those amazing outfits, not only did it improve the game for me, but I consider it a great fit.
WhiskyTangoFawks - For creating, updating Life in the Ruins and allowing me to use his backpack framework. (AP penalty + loot box)
bmanzzs - I took great inspiration to display stats by his method used in Backpacks of the commonwelth, thanks a lot! 
cali1013 - and Elfunstoppable for the Xbox Port

I didn't choose the merc life the merc life chose me.

- A dead merc

My discord Armighty#6971 , Follow for updates and post your suggestions. thanks !