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A highly customizable, radiation themed energy gun, based on Micalov's Gamma Gun remesh. Features 60+ unique modifications.

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The Fission Gun is a highly customizable Gamma-themed weapon derived from modified laser weaponry. This weapon is primarily a standalone version of micalov's Gamma Gun Replacer Redux, with parts derived from several of his other mods, including the Laser Rifle Remesh Redux. This is a successor to my first mod, The Beta Wave. This offers an alternative to the Gamma Gun that is both versatile, while offering many of its own gameplay twists. It will spawn alongside the Gamma Gun (such as on the Children of Atom) starting at level 4. It is fully compatible with CC paint jobs and laser gun reanimations.


  • 60+ modifications, all with unique meshes.
  • 12 unique barrels, offering a wide variety of gameplay functionality.
  • Includes Gamma and Fusion capacitors.
  • 1 unique barrel, with its own legendary effect, based on the Beta Wave.
  • Lorenzo's Artifact and Zeta barrel attachment compatibility.
  • 30 grips and stocks, including many wood and bracketed variants.
  • 5 muzzle attachments to modify the appearance and presence of the weapon.
  • Full material swap compatibility (compatible with CC paint jobs). 

Short Barrel - The standard barrel. Statistically very similar to the Gamma Gun.
Long Barrel - Equivalent to the Deep Dish.
Microwave Barrel - A silent variant. Its projectiles move much more quickly. 
Quad Barrel - Fires four smaller gamma projectiles with smaller explosions.
Laser Barrel - A salvaged laser pistol barrel that fires green, irradiated lasers.
Tribeam Barrel - A laser shotgun that fires three green beams.
Wattz Barrel - An irradiated laser sniper barrel, firing accurate beams.
Heavy Tokamak Barrel - Fires larger, slow-moving Gamma projectiles that stagger enemies that are hit.
Electron Lobbing Barrel - Slings several radioactive traps, irradiating enemies around them.
Excited Plasma Barrel - An automatic barrel that slings wildly arcing plasma at a fast rate. 
Assaultron Head Laser - An unstable modification that fires a powerful continuous beam. Leaks radiation.
Beta Wave Barrel - A variant of the Microwave Barrel that causes hit enemies to explode violently on death. Can be found at Crater House.
Zeta Barrel - Can be transplanted from a Gamma Gun onto the Fission Gun. Fires enhanced Zetan radiation waves.
Lorenzo's Artifact - Can be transplanted from a Gamma Gun onto the Fission Gun. Fires telekinetic blasts.

micalov - The source of a majority of the assets, including the Gamma Gun Replacer (both the original and redux), Laser Rifle Remesh Redux, and the Laser Gamma Barrel Attachment. Also so graciously helped with modifying and adapting some assets to fit the project directly.
Pigness and DegenerateDak - Additional assets derived from the Attachment Pack, and kitbash inspirations from various projects.
ShimSham - Green laser assets.
jkruse05 - Laser sight.
A_Blind_Man and DankRafft - Leveled list injection script.
And you, for downloading and endorsing my mod. It truly means a lot to me.