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Highly detailed Atom Cats settlement with careful integration of Atom Cats as Settlers, immersive repairs for the buildings, extensive scrapping, and a dynamic navmesh.

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  • German
Put this mod near the bottom of your load order
There's already a few Atom Cats settlements on Nexus,
and while some of them are good, none had everything I wanted
so I made it myself.

  • Immersive Repair for both the red rocket and the warehouse. The red rocket is repaired by targeting a pallet near the garage door. The Warehouse is piece by piece. I also added a garage door to the red rocket.
  • Integrated Atom Cats, special attention was given to the Atom Cats to make sure their unique dialog and behaviors were preserved while making them functional settlers. Also all flagged as protected.
  • Highly Scrappable without the need for outside mods.
  • Regenerated Precombines
  • Custom Borders which perfectly match the build space.
  • Dynamic Navmesh that adjusts as your scrap and repair.
  • Full Functionality such as attack points beyond the borders, radiant quests, minutemen & raider quests, provisioners, and so on.
  • (Optional) Generic Atom Cat Recruitment, replaces settler recruitment at only this location with npcs named "Atom Cat", with a pool of 30 unique faces and various Atom Cats clothing. Vanilla voices.

Atom Cats Details
  • Duke and Johnny D stay in their power armor. Normally settlers leave power armor when assigned to objects or spoken to. I solved this issue by turning their vanilla patrol points into mats while registering them as guards and assigning them 6 defense points each. Workshop mode can be used to move the mats and change their patrol patterns. You can speak and trade with them safely as well.
  • Their weapon pool was also swapped from generic raider, which included pipe pistols, to Combat and Assault Rifles.
  • Power armor worn by them will also not lose durability in combat.

  • Zeke & Roxy can be assigned to anything, however Zeke's voice type doesn't support bartering when assigned to a store.

  • Rowdy is automatically registered as an armor vendor. I preserved her unique Power Armor vendor inventory while allowing her to produce caps equivalent to a tier 3 armor stand. Can be assigned to other things but prefers to stay around the Red Rocket.

  • Bluejay is automatically registered as a tier 4 bartender. His vanilla vendor inventory, including the random weapons and armor, is preserved. Can be assigned elsewhere but prefers the Warehouse.

  • Peepers the Eyebot, given 2 defense, 5 happiness, and protected status. If they’re already dead in your save they will respawn a single time.
  • And many other small tweaks, such as ensuring they go to bed at night(in vanilla they never sleep) and making sure the Gunner corpses despawn(In vanilla they last forever). The Brewing Vat object in the warehouse also provides 10 happiness and the Spotlight 2 defense.

Please let me know if you find any bugs and I'll do my best to fix them.

For vortex users: to make sure this mod is at the bottom of your load order go to the plugins tab, double click this mod's esp in that tab, and then assign it to the "Dynamic Patches" group. This will tell Vortex to sort it towards the bottom.

This mod can be added mid-game. Just don't be at the garage when you install it.

The main file requires the Wasteland Workshop DLC due to allowing you to repair the Fusion Generator the Cats have.
The generic Atom Cats file requires Nuka-World due to using the "Greaser" and "Poodleskirt" hair styles from there.

The settlement is unlocked by becoming an Atom Cat, which is done by completeing the short vanilla quest and defeating the gunner assault. If you've already done the quest the settlement will instantly unlock.

  • SS2 Compatible.
  • Alt version made for use with PRP. Use instead of default file.
  • Additional Compat info in a pinned comment in the comment section.

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Thanks to:
rsm000rsm for making the generic atom cats face pool, setting up some of the scrapping, and bug testing.
Glitchfinder for the repair script and repaired warehouse meshes
VIitS for the repaired red rocket mesh