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You get Saitama's Clothes! YAY!.... it's not exact, but pretty darn close.

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This is Saitama's hero suit.
Sort of.
>>>>>>>>The parts you use<<<<<<<<
It is a reskin of the vault suit 11 - new. (could not, for the life of me, find a semi-skin tight suit without a collar, that is also long sleeves, long leggings, etc)  
It is also a reskin of the silver shroud gloves.  
It is also a reskin of Maxson's cape.
I pretty much took a screen shot of the anime and then used the colors there for the suit.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beginner Instructions near bottom (Before the side notes)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Upcoming Stuff<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Holy crap.... The belt of the vault suit has a hidden texture file somewhere. I cannot find it. The effects of it are made clear when I tried to make a dark brown/blackish belt, but NOOOOOooooo.... it only becomes a filter over the belt area, which makes things even harder because the colors don't match up on the texture file and in-game. It is complete WTF. I'm basically coloring blindly :/

Looks fine in the images.... 
But.... you can see that the belt has problems
On the bright side... I got the collar and zipper down... 2D and all lol

Still don't know how to open, edit, or do anything with meshes. Leave that for another day or another person.

I will be waiting on the rest of you guys to add proper physics to cape and more accurate textures and meshes for the clothes.
Also if there is a belt mod out there.... give a heads up please.... I would like to use a more properly placed belt.

Also, you should probably... PROBABLY.. change the SPECIAL values.
For example...

go to console ~ 
type in
player.setav strength 100000

and agility to 100000 for that stamina...
maybe adjust move speed and jump height... although be warned... move speed adjustment can make you run so fast, the game can't catch up to rendering environment

ALSO! my guy right here was edited ingame by accessing console ~
typing in slm player 1
and changing his features....

mine, specifically, is no extras, lean muscular, bald, muscle neck, average all, thin eyebrows, rested eyes, pale skin, weathered skin texture... 
 I also use this mod manager.

I have not used NMM, but that should work too. I just haven't tried it.

To remove the pipboy from 3rd person view: Hide Pip-boy 



 Below are mods you need, but I have included them into the download. Just activate the .esp files through your preferred mod manager.

Need this mod to get with this is Gloves of the Commonwealth to use the glove.


They have instructions on their page.

Also need this mod to get the cape.


They also have their instructions on their page.

Just for you:

make sure the esp files are checked on your manager!

in the console ~

help gloves 4
for the list of glove ids 
help cape 4
for the maxson cape id

search the list for maxson's cape and silver shroud gloves and then input
player.additem (id of the glove or cape here)

exit console and tahdah, you got your item!

Installation instructions

If you haven't already edited your fallout config file... here is a tutorial

I recommend getting someone else's vaultsuit texture file if you want to edit since I have blantantly splashed color all over the file.

To learn more about editing...

The people posts comments really helps.

Editing your own files also means using an image editor, like photoshop or paint.net to open .dds files

Notes Notes (1/8/16)

I saw that Saitama punch action going on with the body booms by fifteenspades

Notes Notes (1/6/16):

Some things that came up...

A person from the comments, Frederikshadows, mentioned the songs and fist punch flying... 
Well... so far I've looked at the files... it seems a bit hectic, but I shall see what its about after I can figure out this clothes and armor thing. Normal map editing for me has not yielded results, or any result, that I wanted... specifically the cape buttons, the buttons actually sticking onto the clothes, the buttons popping out a bit to seem like real buttons...
Also don't know how to pop out the zipper yet... I shall also update that zipper and make it more legit... but that also requires knowledge of popouts
Also.... the belt positioning irks me and I, as inexperienced as I am, can only look at it and suck it up.

Picture of the list of combat songs. for their file location, save the edits to Data/Sounds/Music/