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Simple patchs that set all items to no respawn. Horizon-friendly with no dependency. Only requires Ceft's Open Commonwealth mods. These are for the individual Open mods, not the all-in-one.

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I started these a while ago and decided to finish it up now.  I'm not currently planning to do the all-in-one. If you do, send me the link and I'll post it here. 

There are a couple keys and miscellaneous items that I put tags on. For Horizon and other possible sorters. 


Mostly common and some uncommon items with additional enemy spawns.  

Load Order: (Horizon)

I place both Ceft's mods and the patches at the bottom of the Horizon patch section. I'm not currently using PRP and not sure if that will change any of this. 

Bunker Hill has to go below Enhanced Settlements, which is considered the 'no-go zone'. I don't know how this will effect the settlement and I'm also getting more frame drops. This may or may not be worth it for you. 


Re: Horizon:
- Concord will give you some mild jank when you upgrade the area as doors will be placed over some of the open buildings.
- Some doors didn't match up over the doorway.
- I'm getting some weird road texture conflicts on one small part near the north east end. I don't know if this is a mod conflict here or something else I have. 
For me this is worth it as you explore early and only upgrade the area later on.  

Related to this, I have Glichfinder's People Live In series patched in a similar way --->