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This is an ENB+Reshade preset forged in the fires of Vogue ENB and and intended for use with Vivid Weather and the Vivid textures series. It does what it say on the cover, while trying not to take things too far..... I'm definately gonna take it too far.

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Flavor Text
Do you remember how gritty and filthy the visuals of Fallout 3 and Newvegas were? Do you want to go backward into the pastward to expirience the NFS-Most-Wanted p*** filter era once more? Do you want not only to have your game be as green as you remember, but to also have the expirience that the Fallout 3 main menu sold you that you mistakenly remembered as the actual gameplay colors? BE WITHOUT FEAR! Because you're in the right place. 

Where I'm at and my plans
It is my hope that this recolor works corrosively for others, as it is looking filthy on my end. It looks like I would get an infection if so much as ran my fingers across a flat surface. Right. My plans. 
  • This is only the beginning of a series of very extreme presets that are in the works. Others include s*** quality analog tube TV CRT filters that make it look like old footage. Incase your face is a camera... But most of them will try to go after a F3/NV vibe at the very least. 
  •  With vivid weathers and the Vivid sereis of textures, night times and shadows are not absulte blackness. But at the same time, the interiors are pretty horrifying, so be prepared for that. This note is important because of the insane amount of black level I'm using in this preset. BE AWARE that different weather and landscape mods can make a substantial change to this. 
  • The first version of the mod will go pretty ligh (hard), and we will together descend into the grossest visuals in the cosmos from there and onward. 

Installation (Steam version)
0 - Go get Reshade and ENB Series. If you're expirienced, then you really don't need these instructions.
1 - Manually download. Extract the files wherever. Copy the files to your main game folder where the EXE resides. You should overwrite if asked, lest you fail to install parts of this recolor. 
2 - Open up reshade. Select/load the preset which should be in the same folder as your EXE and the ENB ini files. 
3 - You can turn off ambient occlusion in the fallout 4 ini since ENB has plenty. I accidentally left it on while taking the pics for the mod page lmao
4 - I assume that you'll play the game at some point. 

Please leave feeback of some kind so I know if something's gone wrong. Thanks!